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CE Center Over 100 CE activities – free to AANP members! The CE Center is AANP’s online CE portal and home to a host of AANP-accredited online activities in a variety of formats including Virtual Journal Club. Most CE programs are free to current AANP members.

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CE Center generates certificates immediately after the post test and evaluation are completed. CE activity credit varies with many offering pharmacology credit.

AANP CE credit is universally accepted by all state boards of nursing and NP certifying bodies to meet NP CE requirements. It is also recognized by the American Dietetic Association.


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CE Center activities come in a variety of formats and topics. Check out the Virtual Journal Club series for AANP members — monthly CE activities from articles in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP), and multiple Interactive Case Simulations where students conduct patient assessments through interviews and by viewing online history, and order labs. Students receive immediate feedback on their diagnosis and treatment plan.

For the newest CE activities look for an asterisk (*) next to the program title and check back regularly for new additions!

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Completed program records are conveniently maintained in the My Portfolio section of the CE Center, allowing certificates to be re-printed as needed. My Portfolio maintains all AANP CE records, including those from the national and specialty conferences

AANP Members can also upload non-AANP certificates into this CE tracker, keeping all their CE records in one, easy to access location.


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