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2023 Industry Supported and Sponsored Events

Non-CE Product Theaters (PTs)

Thanks to support from companies in the health care industry, the 2023 AANP National Conference is able to offer complimentary access to non-CE Product Theaters (PTs) for registered conference attendees. PTs are educational presentations, which may be branded and are usually sponsored using marketing funds from health care industry companies.

The occurrence of these PTs and the presentation of industry sponsored information at the 2023 AANP National Conference does not constitute an AANP product endorsement.

Regulations and Restrictions
Some states have passed regulations requiring the industry to track and report the value of gifts to health care providers from industry marketing and have also placed restrictions on certain employment settings. In obeying these state regulations and restrictions, the sponsor may choose at their discretion to restrict access to health care provider attendees from specific states. Their reports must contain the value of each meal and the recipient's name and contact information. By attending a PT, you are providing permission for AANP to release your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, email address and other information as requested) to the event sponsor and their organizing company for the purpose of meeting various state reporting requirements and sending attendees related event product updates.

AANP will assist in notifying registered conference attendees from the states or employment settings that are not eligible to attend PTs if information regarding restrictions is provided by the sponsor. The sponsor's signage will also be featured near the event entrance, indicating any states and employment settings restricted from attending the industry sponsored non-CE PT event.

Registration and Admission
Due to their educational focus, attendance is limited. Restrictions apply. PTs are only open to registered conference attendees. Registration and admission will occur at the entrance of each scheduled event on a first come, first served basis. You must have your conference name badge with you to be scanned for admission. There will be no pre-registration.

2023 AANP National Conference Non-CE Product Theaters