Board of Directors

Reg5Dir Gretchen SchumacherGretchen Schumacher, PhD, GNP-C, FNP, NP-C

Gretchen Schumacher maintains current practice as an NP, now spanning over 18 years. Certified in both family and geriatric populations, she has provided care across the life span in rural and suburban emergency, long term care, home based, and primary care settings. Her experiences give her an authentic understanding of issues across the health care system from various points of view. She has been licensed and/or practiced in 3 states including New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan expanding her knowledge of state differences in NP practice, role, public perception, and legislation.

Gretchen was born in Minnesota and raised in Michigan and Pennsylvania. She returned to Michigan in 2008. After enduring increased restrictions on her practice in Michigan, she channeled her energy into arenas to advance full practice authority in Michigan and strengthening of advocacy efforts for NP practice. She was awarded the AANP State award for Excellence in 2016 for her statewide efforts to network and unify the NP voice for state legislation. She serves in leadership roles within the Michigan Council for Nurse Practitioners. Some of her leadership experience includes chapter president, PAC chair, and currently the MICNP president-elect. She is also serves as Program Director for the Michigan State University Nurse Practitioner programs.