Board of Directors

Reg11Dir Jean Aertker

Owner and Director of clinical services for Tampa Occupational Health Services

Jean H. Aertker, DNP, ARNP, COHN-S, FAANP is Owner and Director of clinical services for Tampa Occupational Health Services in Tampa, Florida. As a business owner, she has created a successful private practice over the past 15 years. She is board certified as a family nurse practitioner and occupational health nurse specialist with over 28 years in the NP role. As the first director of occupational health at Tampa General Hospital, she developed four Nurse Practitioner managed workers compensation urgent care clinics in Hillsborough County. Building coalitions has been a career passion, and in 1999 she was selected by the ANA-F to develop and coordinate a 2-year coalition building project of free medical clinics in Florida. Dr. Aertker has taught at the university level in nursing and clinical medicine programs. She was instrumental in the development of the faculty primary care ARNP role for the University of South Florida Public Sector Medicine Program. She continues to serve as a preceptor and lecturer for several NP programs. Jean received the AANP Florida Advanced Practice Award in 1999, the University of Tampa's Nursing Outstanding Community Service Award and the FNA Barbara Lumpkin Legislative Advocate Award for her effective work on behalf of all ARNP's in Florida. Jean continues to be involved by connecting, visiting and encouraging Florida NP grassroots groups and would like to extend that effort to all the states in the Region. Her experience and coalition building efforts will bring successful strategies for advancing our AANP goals in Region 11.