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The most common About AANP questions are answered below. 

Why was AANP formed?

AANP was formed in 1985 for the purpose of promoting high standards of health care as delivered by nurse practitioners and to act as a forum to enhance the identity and continuity of nurse practitioners. A small contingent of NPs recognized a need for organization and collaboration among their ranks in order to support NPs of all specialties nationwide and to enhance their roles. 

Who can become a member?

AANP is open to all nurse practitioners regardless of their specialty and the focus of their practice. Other categories of membership are available to non-NPs (associate members) and to those in either a program to become an NP or to those NPs who have returned to school for additional graduate degrees.

How many members does AANP have?

As of April 2018, AANP has more than 85,000 individual members and 200 organizations that make up the group member category.  We have continued to grow our membership every year since our creation – and we are most grateful for those who have placed their confidence and trust in our organization.

What makes AANP the leading NP organization?

There are many reasons why AANP is the premier organization for NPs of all specialties. AANP is a community of forward-thinking individuals who promote excellence in the NP role. Because we believe NP services should be available to all who are seeking health care, we are working with state and federal policymakers to remove outdated, sometimes decades-old language in our health care laws.

We strive to ensure that any person seeking health care should have full access to the broad set of services that NPs are educated and equipped to provide. AANP brings remarkable value to our members. Professional advocacy, increased knowledge, greater career opportunities and substantial savings are yours with AANP membership.

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