Bessie Burk, DNP, FNP

Candidate for Arizona State Representative (Incumbent)

Campaign Message:

Full practice for all advanced practice providers is needed to move forward as a profession on the national level. It is important that we, as a full practice authority state, stay focused on that goal. We need to remain diligent regarding our practice and attempts to limit it as well as supporting others as they move forward. Please allow me to assist and help direct these goals in the coming years as your state representative for AANP.

Biographical Statement
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Provider Sun Life family practice, Chair of family practice

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

Arizona state representative for AANP for total of 8 years, Board member Az Nurse Practitioner Council for 8 years, currently Health policy chair, prior vice president Committee member Southwest AIDS group developing prevention strategies in our region, Provider member seat.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

Scope of practice. I feel that developing a uniform full scope of practice for our profession across the country and territories is needed to move forward in providing high quality health care to all areas of our society. in order to reach our nations health goals with quality outcomes, all providers need to be functioning at full practice with reduced barriers to care for all. Work is needed to coordinate advocacy groups as well as other shareholders into the process of moving forward with full practice in areas with strong opposition. By demonstrating the quality outcomes we can provide, we can change to face of health care. Data regarding outcomes needs to be collected that reflects our work, this will be dependent on changes in our visibility. it is necessary for all to be billing under their independent NPI , all other billing needs to be terminated as outdated.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

i advocate for our advanced practice environment with in state system and at the national level by interacting with elected officials. i feel i have a strong communication skills and ability to understand the point of view being offered even if not my own. Our state has successfully moved forward with prescribing privileges for advanced practice groups toward our long term goal of full practice for all types to become a compact state. We were able to assist those groups with developing their language and utilizing our connections to initiate bills with cooperation within our state organizations. On a professional level, by utilizing public data regarding nurse practitioners in management provided thru AANP i was able to petition for changes within our community health care system to change physician language in job descriptions to provider allowing more advanced practice providers to apply for leadership and management roles within our county.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

i will promote our mission by educating student nurse practitioners regarding our history and mission. our state has full practice but many nurse practitioners do not understand that other areas do not. Educating and engaging these professionals in securing full practice for all is essential in having a uniform voice at the national level. i will develop relationships with stakeholders and educate myself regarding national legislation.