Beth Haney, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP

Candidate for California South State Representative

Campaign Message:

If elected as the Southern California AANP State Representative, I will continue to make NP practice and achievement of policy goals a top priority. As a past president of CANP and a private practice owner, I understand the issues NPs face in California relative to the rest of the country. I also have extensive experience in consensus building and creating realistic solutions. I currently serve on the AANP Health Policy Committee and have over 12 years of experience working with organizations and legislators in reaching goals that seemed unattainable. In my current position as Mayor Pro-Tem of Yorba Linda (Mayor Dec 2019), I have learned an incredible amount about the California political landscape and how to navigate it successfully. With your help, I will bring a new vision to the office of AANP Southern California State Representative and ensure you are included in the elevation of California nurse practitioners.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Mayor Pro-Tem (Mayor Dec 2019): City of Yorba Linda NP: Luxe Aesthetic Center NP: UCI student health

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

City of Yorba Linda - Mayor Pro-Tem (positioned to be Mayor Dec 3rd, 2019) AANP Health Policy Committee member - current AANP Health Policy Conference Committee member - current Primary Care Association Advisory Board member - current City of Yorba Linda - Finance Committee member - current Trauma Intervention Program - Advisory Board member - current Dermatology Nurses Association - Nurse Practitioner Society Committee member - current Dermatology Nurses Association - Communications Committee member (2016 - 2018) YMCA - Orange County Board member (2014-2018)

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

Many people struggle to navigate our complex health care system and even those with health insurance have difficulty accessing care. In an unfortunate conundrum, many NPs struggle with inability to deliver care due to antiquated state laws. Strikingly, many NPs do not understand the legal/policy aspects affecting their practice i.e. restrictive state regulations, evolving health care policies, or full practice authority (FPA). Health care delivery could be improved by further informing NPs on the resources to help them navigate their state’s practice barriers and thereby increase patient access to care. For example, AANP can grow understanding of FPA by having workshops, presentations, and posters consistently at conferences and highlighting FPA components on social media outlets. In addition, simple, repetitive, and consistent messaging using alternative avenues to capture more NPs in their own communities would help disseminate information. Exciting presentations or seminars provided by local NP policy experts during the year at non-conference meetings would help inform NPs at a grassroots level. I believe if more NPs understood how policy and laws impact their practice, they would be more engaged and better able to shape the future of NP practice that would benefit all patients.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

My service as the California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP) president and the 8 years I served on the CANP Board of Directors has given me the experience of leading the largest professional organization for NPs in the country. During my presidency and through consensus building with the board, I developed the CANP alignment agreement and brought the 22 independently running state chapters of CANP together to function efficiently as one organization. Through this process, the logo was standardized, our website was upgraded, and our image in Sacramento skyrocketed. CANP is now a streamlined, well respected organization that has made numerous advances for NPs in California, not only through legislation but through the elevation of the NP brand. In addition to my service to CANP, I am also serving as Mayor Pro-Tem of Yorba Linda and am positioned to be Mayor December 3rd, 2019. The experience I gained from leading CANP has helped me navigate the similar system of local and state government. Also, a current business owner, I have a unique perspective on financial and customer service aspects of organizations, and this helps me lead with a wide variety of skills based on my experiences.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

The advancement of the mission and strategic plan of AANP is the core of the organization and is where principles and goals develop. I will advance the AANP mission and strategic plan through seeking out new ways of communicating the essential messages to not only members of AANP, but to the population at large. My strategy of promoting NPs by becoming an elected official and subsequently informing elected officials at state, county, and local levels has increased awareness of NPs. One of my successful endeavors includes having nearly every one of the 34 cities in Orange County (OC) proclaim National NP Week. This year, I was able to have National NP Week authorized by our Orange County Board of Supervisors as well. Showcasing NP Week at the local level is where communities and residents can become personally informed about NPs. As a matter of fact, one Mayor of a large OC city exclaimed he “didn’t know what an NP was until he proclaimed NP Week”! If elected, I will continue to advance the mission and strategic plan of AANP in collaboration with my AANP colleagues and continue to move the profession forward with honor.