Charlotte Gullap-Moore, MSN, ANP-BC

Candidate for California South State Representative

Campaign Message:

I believe my personal and professional work experiences as a nurse practitioner, healthcare policy advocate and committed servant to strengthen our community and profession aligns with AANP's mission, strategic plan and role as the Southern California State Representative. As your AANP Southern California State Representative we will continue to advocate for evidence-based healthcare policies that are financially feasible, increase equitable access to care, and support the next generation of nursing leaders reflective of our communities. I have been active in the nursing profession on various levels for the past twenty years. During my career I have developed innovative ways to deliver patient care while obtaining a diverse background of leadership experiences. I welcome the opportunity to leverage my professional experiences, communication skills and passion to work as your AANP Southern California State Representative - Vote for Moore NP!

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Adult Health Nurse Practitioner - Managing patient in a long-term care / skilled nursing facility.

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

- 2016 California Association For Nurse Practitioners | Channel Islands Chapter - Legislative Representative 2014 – 2018 California Association of Nurse Practitioners | Channel Islands Chapter - Chairman Public Relations 2014 - 2016 Channel Islands Chapter of The Links, Incorporated | Treasurer 2016 – 2018 California Association of Nurse Practitioners - Channel Islands Chapter President 2015 – 2017 California Association For Nurse Practitioners – Health Policy and Practice Committee | Member 2015 – Present Santa Barbara Community Development & Human Resource Committee | Board Member 2016 – 2018 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated - Rho Delta Omega Chapter Secretary 2016 – 2018 Channel Islands Chapter of The Links, Incorporated – Health & Human Service Facet Chair 2017 – 2019 California Association For Nurse Practitioners – Health Policy and Practice Committee | Co-Chair 2017 – Present Santa Barbara Women Political Committee | Board Member 2017 – Present Santa Barbara Commission For Woman | Commissioner 2018 – Present California Board of Registered Nursing | APRN Advisory Committee member 2018 – Present University of San Francisco | School of Nursing and Health Professions Curriculum Committee Member

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

1 - Achieving Full Practice Authority in California will be a huge hurdle to jump and race to complete. 2 - Obtaining global signature allowing Nurse Practitioners to sign for various test, resources and other healthcare related needs for our patients at large. 3 - Continuing to protect our advance practice profession against pieces of legislation that attempts to limit our fair trade actions as healthcare business entity. 4 - Continue to gain support for all NPs and better educate the public about who we are and what we provide as health care providers 5 - Improve the collegial and supportive relationship with members of the AMA.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

Over the past five years I have gained a tremendous amount best practices for maintaining efficient processes for an executive board to run successfully. Through my various executive board positions I have been exposed to a diverse understanding of legislation impacting the NP profession, health care and various types of equality/equity issues. Due to my active role within the Santa Barbara community and within the California Association for Nurse Practitioners I have established a healthy relationship with several California Assemblymembers and Senators. My advocacy activities both locally and statewide created a level of comfort for me to apply and received an appointed position/opportunity on the California Board of Nurse - APRN Advisory Committee as a board member. I believe that every Nurse Practitioner has a duty to advocate but the level of involvement may vary in many ways. One of my favorite ways to disseminate information about our health care impact is through social media. My presence as a NP influencer created the opportunity to present at my first AANP National Conference in 2017 as one the NP Tech Talk speakers. I believe no one can tell our story better than US!

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

I believe my personal and professional work experiences show that I am fully aligned to the AANP strategic plan. I fully support want to continue active engagement with executing AANP's Goal A: Public/Health Care Consumer - Increase the understanding of our mission and strategic plan to all California NPs by demonstrating how their daily practice setting is a physical illustration platform. Goal B: Reputation, Authority and Expertise - Empower our NPs to become better aware of how to run for non-nursing related local commissions and board positions. NPs are the perfect frontline provider that can speak to the holistic and medical needs that will benefit the community at large and our profession. Goal C: Parity in Compensation/Reimbursement - Continue our grassroots activities and increase our collaborating with other non-traditional organizations that benefits from NPs as a provider and aligns with our mission. - Encourage and support our NPs to publish their quality improvement projects that can be created the framework of value-based protocols. Goal D: AANP as an Organization - Increase more grant funding for membership that will ultimately benefit AANP brand and mission.