Donna Montesi, DNP, APRN, WCC, FAANP

Candidate for Connecticut State Representative

Campaign Message:

Let’s improve NP practice in Connecticut and the Nation! Region 1 has come a long way in removing barriers to full practice authority. If elected as your CT AANP State Representative, I will continue legislative efforts at the state and national level. I will work closely with our Region 1 leaders to increase AANP membership and engagement. I will collaborate within our state and region to form a cohesive plan to promote full practice authority for all stakeholders. As a member of CT APRNs Health Policy committee and Co-Chair of the CT Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses, I work vigilantly to improve communication between APRNs and our legislators. I will continue to work with AANP to remove federal barriers for prescribing diabetic footwear and hospice and homecare services to our most vulnerable Medicare recipients.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Director of Operations

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

I have been an active member of Connecticut APRN Society since joining as a student in 2002. I have been committed to the mission of the Society, promoting education and collaboration between nurse practitioners and physicians, other health care providers, educators, administrators, insurers, consumers, legislators and other stakeholders to improve health care quality and access in Connecticut. As a leader, I realize that promoting nurse practitioners is an ongoing process, as healthcare and delivery models continue to evolve. I am committed to my own evolution in this process for enhancement of our profession. The CT Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses is a think tank that prepares for the legislative session identifying potential legislative conflicts of each individual and collective. I have been lucky enough to serve serve as the co-chair leading this group since 2017. This fall, I had the opportunity to bring a personal vision to fruition with my colleagues with our first legislative breakfast. This included a legislative panel that I moderated as well as 3 breakout sessions to teach the audience of over 175 NPs, Nurses, NP students and other individuals how to write and deliver testimony and encourage engagement in the legislative process.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

While NPs continue to work on removing practice barriers, increasing public awareness on the NP role, working towards full practice authority across the country and increasing political presence in regulatory concerns in the healthcare industry, the most concerning issue remains how do small practices stay alive? NP and physician -owned practices need to collaborate with larger entities to survive and get a piece of the healthcare dollar. It is essential for NPs to maintain business savvy and be part of a larger entity to continue to serve their patients and survive the financial ramifications occurring across the country with quality initiatives. NPs need to partner with organizations that support independent practices and recognize the value based care that NPs deliver.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I have developed a clinical practice with over 50 APRNs within a larger organization. The practice promotes high quality care that is administratively transparent in parallel with the AANP mission. Operating a clinical practice requires understanding of the community you service. It is prudent to engage in local, state, regional, national and international topics of clinical significance. Staying current in healthcare policy can potentially avoid APRN practice barriers and creating new business opportunities. As nurse practitioners we have the power to influence policy due to knowledge in healthcare issues, being the Voice of the APRN on state, regional, and national make positive change within healthcare system. My experience in business development and operations brings a twist to the traditional APRN clinical practice model. I see this opportunity to mentor APRNs to develop their own practices or strengthen the role of the APRN within their organization. I have incorporated the legislative process into developing the brains of the business . I have developed resources and expert connections for future endeavors to move forward the mission to promote NP practice in this state and nation. I have a natural ability to lead.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

If elected at AANP Ct State Representative, I plan to continue the work I currently do on a state and national level with health policy but will expand in a more formalized role. I am living the strategic plan in my work with health policy to remove practice barriers and improve access to NP care. In my own practice I continue to optimize the role of the NP and eliminate disparities in compensation as director of operations. I seek to improve relationships with our other region 1 team members to make Massachusetts a full practice authority state. Language that is provider neutral continues to be challenging. In CT we strive for global signature but have only been successful chipping aware at old outdated legislation bit by bit. Nationally we need to continue to educate the public and our legislators in order to take full opportunities of President Trump's executive order to expand Medicare coverage. I feel with the current leadership of AANP president Sophia Thomas publicly engaging and our regional and state leadership, NPs are in a great position to improve access to care and remove barriers.