Sharon Baptiste-Brown, MSN, APRN, BC

Candidate for Delaware State Representative (Incumbent)

Campaign Message:

We have been successful in removing the collaboration agreement requirement for Nurse Practitioners, but there is still more work to be done to remove the transition to practice requirements. As the AANP Delaware State Rep, I will work tirelessly to continue to break Nurse Practitioner barriers in Delaware. Together we can:

  • Break barriers to allow patients to have full access to NP-provided care.
  • Break barriers to promote and ensure full, unrestricted NP practice.
  • Break barriers to eliminate payment and reimbursement disparities.
  • Break barriers to ensure provider-neutral language in statutes and legislation.

A vote for Sharon Baptiste-Brown is the best vote in town!!!!

Biographical Statement
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Current Professional Position

ComplexCare Solutions--Nurse Practitioner

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

AANP Delaware State Representative Delaware Coalition of Nurse Practitioners

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

On a national level, the biggest challenge is removing barriers to NP practice and ensuring that NPs are recognized as skilled, knowledgeable, professional healthcare providers who are allowed to practice to the full extent of their education, training and license. These barriers limit patient access to care. Ideally, NPs should be free to work anywhere in the US knowing that there is universal full practice authority. Most NPs focus on providing care, but are ignorant to or intimidated by legislation. AANP can support NPs by up-scaling current efforts by 1 ) educating all AANP membership on the legislative process 101 so it is clear on the impact to the profession; 2) assisting State Reps to build legislative interest and excitement among individual NPs; consider offering a scholarship to attend the Health Policy Conference 3) helping State Reps coordinate meetings with NPs, legislators, and other stakeholders 4) informing NPs of any practice restrictions in surrounding states and what other states are doing or have done to address similar issues 5) maintaining awareness of upcoming state and national legislation. Finally, AANP can ensure that the voice of NPs is clear, deliberate, strong and loud by using multiple media venues.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I use my leadership skills of setting direction, building trust, clear communication, and inspiring others on a daily basis. In my clinical research job as a Study Delivery Lead, I am the study accountable person. This means that I manage my assigned projects from concept protocol during study conduct and until the report is written, files archived and manuscript published. I lead a team of ~10 people from other functional lines and external vendors to achieve these activities. However, my skill were really tested when it was announced that my project was on a list of 100 projects that could be audited (but unlikely to be selected). Regardless, I immediately informed the team and scheduled biweekly "inspection readiness" team meetings. Most of the team (including me) were new to a regulatory inspection so I liaised closely with QA to provide clear direction for each step of the process and accompanying actions for each team member along with targeted timelines. I also coordinated mock interviews. Ultimately, my project was audited and there was only 1 minor finding. The team was congratulated for a job well done. I will use my skills, determination to face any challenges as AANP State Rep.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

AANP Mission is essential to the NP profession. My approach to promoting AANP's mission would be multi-tiered. First, I would continue to work with other Nursing/NP organizations (e.g. DNA, DCNP) to support the practice, educational and membership components. If permitted, I would distribute AANP brochures at DNA conferences and open houses at the local state universities. In addition, I would encourage current and prospective NPs to renew membership or join AANP while highlighting all the vast benefits of membership. Secondly, I would like to identify a core group of NPs statewide who are interested in advocacy and/or have connections with key stakeholders to work on building relationships now that will be beneficial in creating practice and payment parity for NPs moving forward. Third, I would encourage NPs to complete the upcoming Delaware NP task force survey that will be instrumental in providing metrics/data that could be used for drafting or supporting future NP-related legislation. Finally, I would inspire NPs to learn more about reimbursement, NP cost-effectiveness and independent practice.