Candidate for Missouri State Representative

Campaign Message:

As board president and founding member of the state’s NP association, I have been on the front lines of the fight for NPs. From legislative advocacy to research to patient care and everything in between, I have been instrumental in pushing for sweeping reforms to modernize Missouri’s laws and regulations. As your AANP state rep, I would seek to leverage the vast resources of AANP to continue to improve practice, the profession, and clinical care provided by the nation’s most trusted profession. Recognizing power in numbers I want to increase membership in AANP to give us a louder voice. I seek to serve as a resource for Missouri’s NPs and believe that engagement at the state AND national level is critical to progress. Like my leadership role in other associations, I plan to use that experience to benefit the members and the patients served by NPs throughout Missouri and beyond.

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Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

President, Board Member, Advocacy and Professional Development Committee Member

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

2013-2019 University of Missouri- Columbia, Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Researcher & Faculty Missouri Quality Initiative for Nursing Homes (MOQI)- CMS Grant leader
2013-2019 Free Advance Directives St. Francois County Senior Center Community Missouri
2018 Measures to Reduce and Eliminate Antipsychotics Presentation. MOQI St Louis, Missouri.
2017 Sleep Restoration Presentation. MOQI St. Louis, Missouri.
2019 Missouri- Metro East Illinois March of Dimes Research Nurse of the Year
2013-2019 Better Access, Better Care for Missourians Coalition -Speaker coalition member.
2016-2019 AANP Fellowship conference activities
2019 AANP NPO Focus Group Chicago
2019 AANP Missouri Advocacy Excellence Award
2010-2019 Journal for Nurse Practitioner Peer review volunteer
2019 Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners AMNP (2015 Co-Founder) President -Advocacy- Professional Development Committees
2015-2019 AMNP Vice President -Advocacy Chair
2019 Missouri Advocacy Update Presentation. Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioner Annual Show Me Conference. Branson, Missouri
2010-2019 Missouri Nurse Association APRN Special Interest Group
2010-2019 MONA Coalition Nurses Advanced Practice Southeast Missouri Representative
2008-2019 Relay for Life Sponsor
2017-2019 Preceptor of APRNs
2093-2019 Sigma Theta Tau Franklin, J. (2018, February). Aging of America. Podium Presentation Missouri Association Physician Assistants Annual Conference, Branson Missouri.
2018 Leading and Managing in Nursing. Better Health Better Quality. Franklin, J. Chapter contribution.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

Our biggest challenge facing NPs in the next decade is addressing the healthcare professional shortage nationwide. Physician and nursing shortages are certain to be a challenge to meet the needs of the United States. Over the next 19 years 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 years old daily. Our advances in healthcare are allowing people to live longer. AANP must recognize this significant changing demographic and address it early. Knowing about this aging issue may require increased care levels with fewer providers available. Our focus must be keeping older adults functional. We need to shift care from disease to prevention of disability. Development of an effective multi discipline team is essential as most people want to “age at home.” The emphasis of AANP needs to assess for research, education, policy including statues, regulations and planning for the future of geriatric patients by encouraging specialty elder NP care. The importance of tele-health and home-based care will change our visions of our current system which will need payment systems to provide this growing healthcare need. NPs will see a future of multiple co-morbidities in elders as they age and need AANP preparing our profession both legislatively and professionally to meet the need.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

My belief is all of us should contribute to our profession. I have dedicated myself to serving our profession for all my nursing career. I have been active in many ways from helping to negotiate a Missouri Department of Mental Health Nursing contract with Missouri officials, expert content contributor and providing standard setting panel member for the ANCC Family Practice National Exam, serving a year on the Missouri State Board of Nursing Telehealth Task Force to improve access to care, acting as a contributor and peer reviewer for JNP for 9 years and also being a Founder, Advocacy Chair, VP and current President of the Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners. My research in the Missouri Quality Initiative CMS grant led the nation in outcomes. There were seven states with the same geriatric grant goals and Missouri led the seven states. My outcomes were the most significant in Missouri for the last six and half years. I find that striving to improve NP visibility and acceptance takes assertion and time but has impact and importance that needs to come from each of us. Knowing this drives me to do my best for our reputation and honor as “the most trusted profession.”

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

The AANP Mission and Strategic plan are core to my beliefs. My plan is forming a Nurse Practitioner Community Network with AANP throughout Missouri. This has powerful potential. My goal is uniting all Missouri NPs within a network for the purpose meeting the AANP goals and plans. Missouri has 9,210 NPs titled to practice in 13 different practices. Missouri has the worst practice environment nationally due to extensive restrictions. Success comes from partnering with others to develop a vision of Full Practice Authority in Missouri’s 114 counties. I have long believed that appointing an NP leader in each of the 114 counties to organize and develop an NP county grassroots network could bring unity of all Missouri NPs. Having developed many alliances throughout Missouri I believe that I can serve as a resource and leader for all aspects of AANPs goals. I have been instrumental recruiting NP members, provided education statewide, worked tirelessly to eliminate barriers to practice, addressed payment disparity reporting discrepancies, worked mentoring students, participated in national research and always working to share positivity of our profession with all acquaintances. I plan to strive to make Missouri a Full Practice Authority state providing quality healthcare and NP leadership.