Michelle Wade, MSN/Ed, APRN

Candidate for Vermont State Representative (Incumbent)

Campaign Message:

I was selected for and completed the Original AANP Leadership Program and learned an immense amount from that program about leadership and myself. Currently I am President of the Vermont Nurse Practitioner Association; active on the policy and conference committees. I work with the Vermont Medical Society on the Opiate Task Force & several current task forces. I've been an active representative for Vermont on Capitol Hill for the last 4 years and will continue that when you re – elect me as the Vermont Representative. I practice as a hospitalist in a critical access hospital & Long-Term Care and Sub Acute settings. I understand the CMS restrictions that affect FPA. There are still rules that need to be adjusted for FPA. I precept future NPs here in Vermont and recognize that Vermont is a small state however I advocate to see our NP ranks and AANP membership Increase.

Biographical Statement
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Current Professional Position


AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2018-current Vermont State Representative Currently - Member of AANP Awards Selection committee 2015-16 selected to one year long leadership program Vermont Nurse Practitioners Association 2019- Current President 2018 – 2019 Vice President 2015- Current Chair Legislative/Policy Committee 2015- 2019 Conference planning committee 2014- 2019 Board Member Vermont State Nurses Association Omicron Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Greater Vermont Honor Society

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

One of the biggest challenges facing NPs is that there is still a general miss understanding of the role in both the Lay person and other Health care Providers. AANP needs to continue to Support education about NPs and how they are contributing to the shortage of Heath care providers as well as continue to educated to obtain FPA in all states. We need to work together as a Profession to support the states that are still struggling with FPA and also educate new NPs about the importance of membership in AANP and the state NP organisations.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

As the State rep I am currently working to improve Membership in the state and nation organisation. I initiated having a AANP table at the State Conference and I am working with the NP programs in the state to talk to all the NP students about Membership. As a leader in the NP field in my stated I was part of the initiative to have NPs in the local Nursing homes and after we staffed the LTC's with an in house provider the Re admit rate for my facility dropped over 75% As a Member of the Board of the VNPA I was part of adding 2 student members to our board. Now one of the initial members has remained on the board and is active in subcommittee work.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

Refine areas where AANP can improve and/or implement leadership opportunities - I look forward to the New Leadership program and hope to participate, the original Leadership program was very beneficial for me and allowed me to become active in and now president of VNPA as well as active in the Awards committee at AANP. I have used those skills in my role as Lead in my department Increase legislators’ support for NP parity and reduce barriers, legislative and otherwise, to obtain payment parity at both state and federal levels - I cont. to be active in that state and notional levels and anticipate that will only cont. as I have now become more comfortable in this role. I have brought state leaders to my Hospital and met with them about the Role of the NP as well as spending time on Capitol Hill annually, I have testified on the Opiate crisis in Vermont Leg. as well. I empower new NPs by precepting as well as talking to them when they are still in school. I am currently developing a working relationship with the Vermont ANA and will be working together in the Vermont capitol this year on several leg. issue.