Kahlil Demonbreun, DNP, RNC-OB, WHNP-BC, ANP-BC, FAANP, FAAN

Candidate for South Carolina State Representative (Incumbent)

Campaign Message:

AANP Constituency,

For nearly 10 years, I have been fortunate to serve this great organization in a range of elected and appointed positions. Over this time I have demonstrated sustained progressive leadership, and strong advocacy for the Nurse Practitioner role on the local, state, regional, and national levels.

Building relationships takes time and my tenure of service validates my commitment of trust to you and the organization. I am seeking to build on this trusting relationship by serving as the AANP SC State Representative and ask for your vote.

If elected, know that I will remain accountable to the Board of Directors in all aspects of the State Representative role and will continue to represent you and AANP at the highest level of integrity.

Thank you for your previous and continued confidence in me toward contributing to the AANP vision as the Voice of all Nurse Practitioners.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Women's Health Medical Director

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

  • AANP South Carolina State Representative — Elected.
  • AANP Health Policy Committee — Appointed Member.
  • AANP Executive Leadership Program Review and Selection Council — Appointed Member.
  • FAANP Selections Committee — Elected Member.
  • FAANP Mentoring Taskforce — Appointed Member.
  • American Nurses Association Scope and Standards 4th Ed. Workgroup — Appointed Co-chair.
  • Veterans Health Administration National APRN Council — Appointed Member.
  • National Certification Corporation Board of Directors — Elected Director/Secretary.
  • Duke Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program — Appointed.
  • Advisory Board Paul Ambrose Scholars Program — Appointed Applicant Reviewer.
  • South Carolina Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Committee — Elected Chair.
  • South Carolina Nurses Association APRN Chapter — Elected Chair.
  • Columbia VA Health Care System APRN Council — Appointed Chair.
  • Low Country Healthy Start Perinatal Action Network — Appointed Facilitator.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

I feel the greatest challenge facing Nurse Practitioners is the lack of uniform Full Practice Authority across all states and the emerging trend of employers defining the Nurse Practitioner role as opposed to utilizing the standards set by the profession. In order to address these concerns, I espouse that AANP continues national and state advocacy toward uniform Full Practice Authority with a priority on education of employers to provide a more concrete understanding of Nurse Practitioner focus preparation as outlined in the Consensus Model. Hopefully this approach would assist in the appropriate utilization of the Nurse Practitioners workforce toward meeting the diverse needs of all health care consumers.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

My professional skills are experience in organizational leadership and a keen awareness of the issues that effect our profession locally, regionally and nationally. I am lucky to have served as Chair, Advisor, or Board member in an array of organizations, which positively impact the Nurse Practitioner profession. I have served as an AANP State Representative for 3 consecutive terms working with state members and the AANP Board of Directors to support its mission and vision. In my role as State Representative I have worked to increase state membership and in 2918 actively worked to impact legislative change in South Carolina resulting in the passing of SB345.. I have also served on the AANP Health Policy Committee, reviewing proposed policy and assisting in summary advisory on issues that effect the Nurse Practitioner profession. Work on this committee has afforded the ability to remain current on legislative and political activity across the profession. This work has also assisted in solidifying working relationships with our state Governor, elected Federal, and State Legislators. As a nationally recognized pioneer in Women's Health Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing, I have a vast collaborative network consisting of likeminded professional colleagues.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

If elected, I propose to continue representing the organization in its mission and strategic plan to ensuring consumers have direct access to high-quality health care through advocacy efforts of Full Practice Authority. Working with the Board of Directors affords an opportunity to be a decision-making participant in the development and implementation of the AANP goals. In addition to assisting the organization to increasing its diversity of its State Representatives. Lastly, I propose to continue to serve as an integral leader within the organization on the state level promoting its image toward a projected growth in addressing future professional challenges.