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Candidate for Louisiana State Liaison (Incumbent)

Lisa Bayhi

Campaign Message:

My name is Lisa C. Bayhi DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, ACNP-BC, FAANP, I have over 20 years of dedicated leadership experience in the NP community. I hold the honor of induction to the Fellows of the American-Association-of-Nurse-Practitioners (AANP). As the current AANP Louisiana state Liaison, I am actively involved in Region-6 activities and serve on several national committees. I served on the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners’ (LANP) Board of Directors for over 15 years, as regional representative, health policy chair, secretary, vice-president and LANP president. My current clinical practice provides comprehensive care to homebound patients. As an outstanding contributor to healthcare through clinical practice and advocacy, I have numerous scholarly presentations, publications and act as a legal consultant. I am passionately committed to sustaining the vision of AANP through ever-developing acquired research, knowledge, expertise, and proficiency. I am determined to secure full and direct access to NP services.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Nurse Practitioner at Homedica Housecalls LLC

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

American Association of Nurse Practitioners
AANP Current Louisiana State Liaison
AANP National Conference Speaker
AANP Health Policy Conference
AANP Organizational Structure Committee
AANP Region-6 Multistate Reimbursement Alliance
Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners Annual Winter Meeting Participant

Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners (LANP)
Executive Board Member
Health Policy Committee Member
Health Policy Fundraising/Elections Workgroups
Assisted in placing APRNs solely under Louisiana Board of Nursing Strategic Planning Committee Marketing Committee
Primary Care Conference Committee
Louisiana Board of Nursing APRN Task Force on Reimbursement Committee-Alternate
Louisiana Scope of Practice Committee for Nursing Organizations Louisiana Consensus Statement Committee-Alternate
Louisiana Nursing Supply and Demand Committee-Alternate

Other Professional Activities
Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program Advisory Council
Louisiana Pharmacy Benefit Manager Monitoring Advisory Council
Louisiana Legislature Electronic Prescribing Senate Resolution Workgroup
Louisiana Telehealth Technology Solutions Committee

Future Leadership Opportunities
AANP National Conference Committee
AANP National Conference Presenter
AANP Health Policy Conference Committee
FAANP Committee

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge over the next decade, seems to be delivery of Nurse Practitioner (NP) healthcare across state lines and eventually globally. Nursing organizations need consensus on the best way forward for patient access to NP care. Currently, each state has separate requirements, licensing processes, practice acts and even differing titles, creating barriers to needed healthcare. Since COVID- 19, evidence supports telehealth’s future and the need to deploy NP providers where needed, regardless of current practice site. The goal should be seamless access to NP care across state lines. Louisiana lifted the collaborative practice agreement (CPA) restriction during COVID. The results speak for themselves; NPs provide safe, quality care and need to continue that care without the CPA, not only in Louisiana, but nationally. Legislative efforts must continue to remove these barriers so NPs can meet the needs of patients. AANP as the voice of NPs should continue to support and lead the permanent suspension of CPAs across the nation, fight to remove barriers and secure full and direct access to NP services, promote the removal of NP practice restrictions, support telehealth and encourage seamless licensing processes across state lines to meet our nations’ future needs.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

My journey began over 20 years ago when I joined the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners (LANP) and AANP. Currently serving as AANP Louisiana state Liaison, I will continue involvement in national and state measures with ongoing service as a patient advocate and work to advance the profession through changes in health policies. As the LANP Health Policy Chair, I used my leadership and organizational skills to pilot and provide testimony for legislation for the first time in Louisiana history to eliminate the collaborative-practice-agreement (CPA). Many NPs wanted to continue practice under the CPA, even testifying against LANP legislation. I engaged in grass root efforts to garner support to embrace the concept of full and direct access to NP services. This initiative began a process that continues today in Louisiana. The Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners published rules and regulations to change NP practice, literally usurping the authority of the Louisiana Board of Nursing and placing NP practice under their control. Through my leadership as president of LANP, we mobilized previously established grassroots contacts and networked with stakeholders to successfully oppose these proposals at their public hearing. I want to continue work that provides continued leadership to protect NPs interests.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

I am passionately committed to sustaining the vision of AANP through ever-developing acquired research, knowledge, expertise, and proficiency. I propose to advance the AANP Mission and Strategic Plan through 21 years of dedicated NP leadership experience. COVID-19 has been devastating. In Louisiana, suspension of practice restrictions opened a pathway for future sustained legislative change. NPs have proved their expertise and value by meeting the overwhelming challenges and should continue without barriers to practice. Patients across state lines should continue to have full direct access to high-quality healthcare for our diverse communities through NP healthcare providers. I will use my experience networking with legislators in Louisiana and in Washington, DC to advance NP ideals of excellence in patient-centered healthcare and advocate for parity with other healthcare providers. I have experience in the legislative process and have maneuvered well in grassroots efforts with a professional commitment congruent with AANP ideals. In this changing healthcare arena, I believe these efforts will enrich AANP’s mission and act as a springboard to launch greater involvement and unity in the health policy process for NPs nationally and globally. I can be an asset to further enhance and promote AANP through healthcare’s evolution.