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Varsha Singh, DNP, APN, NEa-BC, FAHA, FAANP

Candidate for New Jersey State Liaison

Varsha Singh

Campaign Message:

SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. This is how I feel about possibilities for the Nurse Practitioners. I am YOU. I am YOUR voice, I will continue to advocate for all NJ APNs creating a culture of equality, diversity, and Justice. I will be a strong advocate for NPs through strategic leadership activities. I am honored that my advisement is valued by the NJ state leaders. I also was elected nationally as ANA director and have great network with international NP groups. If you choose me to be your NJ State representative, you will have someone that connects with you and engages with you, and listens to you. I will create a better solutions for finding preceptors for NP students. and i will mentor our future NP leaders. Give me the opportunity and I will bring you the most exciting and unforgettable years of NP empowerment through AANP mission and vision.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Neuroscience Nurse Practitioner/Stroke Program Manager

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

  • 2020-current WSO – Membership Committee
  • 2020-Current Climate Change Committee- Nurse champion for Climate Change
  • 2018-2020 ANA (American Nurses Association) Director at Large
  • 2019-Present International Council NP/APN Network
    Communications & Bulletin committee member
  • Vice Chair 2020-Present Jonas Scholars Alumni Council
    Presenter at Jonas Scholars Alumni Events
  • Education Committee member 2020-Present American Neurovascular Clinicians (ANVC)
    APP Toolkit –Lead NP
  • Research Committee Chair 2020-Present National Indian Nurse Practitioner’s Association (NINPAA)
    Educational conference planning committee
  • President 2018-2020 Board member 2020-Present Forum Of Nurses in Advance Practice (FNAP NJ)
    Primary Planner for APN Education Day-2016-2018
    Leadership Conference Planner 2018
  • President 2017 New Jersey Stroke Coordinator’s Consortium (NJSCC)
    Primary planner self-study Stroke CE module
  • President 2014-2016 New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA), Region 3
  • President 2013-2015 American Association of Indian Nurses (AAIN), NJ2
  • Member 2009- Present Sigma Theta Gamma Nu
  • Member 2006- Present ANA/New Jersey State Nurses Association.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

I have been active with the legislative process in the State of new Jersey since 2014. The biggest challenge in New Jersey is MOTIVATIONAL leadership. here is a dire need of NJ NP leaders to CONNECT and engage the with the NP community. As the President of the NEW JERSEY STATE APN group (Forum of Nurses in Advance Practice). I was able to double the membership simply by making individual phone calls to Nurse Practitioners and NP students. I was instrumental in guiding National Indian Nurse Practitioners of America to become AANP affiliate. I was able to encourage every member to become part of the legislative movement, understand their individual power to make a change. New Jersey needs more than just legislative efforts. It needs to motivate, engage and involve NPs at every level. I know the pulse of NJ APN community and methods to engage them with AANP. AANP can address this issue by having a mini STATE based meeting where AANP leaders can have a FACE time with NJ APNs at large. I was able to host such a landmark leadership symposium with Dr. Maryellen Roberts and Dr. Jan Towers when I was FNAP President.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

Fearless democratic leadership is my style. We all have something extraordinary that can be utilized as a group dynamics to elevate the organizational functions. I appreciate, admire and acknowledge everyone who contributes towards the mission. I think out of the box and encourage all my NP colleague to DARE to become an independent thinker, independent and confident practitioner. I have earned the trust of NJ state organizations such as NAINA, NJSNA, PNANJ ,NAHN, NJBNA by providing my support to the growth of their organization. As the President of FNAP NJ, I always felt that the state APNs needed to have a close encounter with national leaders and this may engage them more. I planned a one day LEADERSHIP symposium to motivate all NJ APN members when they meet AANP National Leadership. I was the first President elect of FNAP NJ to reach out to Region Director 2-Dr.Stephen Ferrara who attended NJ APN educational day for the first time in 2014.Then ,I was successfully able to host Dr. Maryellen Roberts and Dr. Jan Towers and the response was simply marvelous. The final outcome was 150 APN in one room who came to listen to Dr.Susan Hassmiller. I do what I promise.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

I am very confident that I will be able to support and advance AANP's mission and its' strategic plan for following. Actually I am already doing it right now.

  • Increase membership through my existing network of Indian, Hispanic, Filipino, Black and other Asian NPs.
  • Increase access to AANP resources for practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership.
  • Promote engagement in activities that elevate practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership.
    (I had mentored and encouraged someone and always supported her in her professional growth is now AANP Director for Region2)
  • Increase the number, variety and methods of delivering quality, advanced-level continuing education (CE) offerings.
    (I have planned many AANP CE conferences and offer guidance to anyone who needs to learn how to apply for AANP CEs)
  • Increase AANP's student engagement.
    (All my NP students are very diligent in becoming AANP member)
  • Expand AANP's international presence.
    (I am part of ICN NP-APN subgroup)
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion.
    ( I have guided NINPAA to become AANP affiliate organization)
  • Maintain and expand our comprehensive database of NPs in the United States.
    ( I can assist in expanding database by providing support from NJ)
  • And above all, I can bring innovative ideas to engage membership in general.