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Adam Hohman, DNP, FNP-BC

Candidate for North Dakota State Liaison (Incumbent)

Adam Hohman

Campaign Message:

My name is Adam Hohman, and I am the incumbent American Association of Nurse Practitioner’s State Liaison position for North Dakota. Currently, I am a DNP nursing faculty member at North Dakota State University. My career has included practicing in rural emergency rooms and serving as an Air Force Reserves Nurse Corps Officer. Both of my nursing degrees are from North Dakota State University with a BSN in May 2000 and a DNP in May 2008. As an NP, my interests are global health, disaster preparedness and NP emergency care competencies particularly in rural health care settings. My hobbies include playing sports, being outdoors and following U.S. politics. Being able to continue as the AANP North Dakota State Liaison position would allow for me to continue serving our profession and advancing the mission of AANP. I would greatly appreciate your vote and look forward to continuing in my role.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Assistant Professor of Practice

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

  • Founder of United Partners in Global Health non-profit
  • AANP North Dakota State Liaison (Past 2 years)
  • Chief Nurse 934th Aeromedical Staging Squadron (2019-present)
  • Past President/Advisor-North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Assoc. (Sept 2019-Sept 2020)

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

I believe one of the biggest challenges we are going to face as a profession is the scrutiny of our NP workforce. Currently, NP programs are available through a variety of educational modalities. Each program’s educational modality differs in the amount of distance education they provide, with some programs administered 100% via distance education and others having no distance education. With the proliferation of NP educational programs in an attempt to meet workforce needs, there are significant concerns that NPs are coming into the workforce unprepared due to the variation in academic platforms and the lack of standardization across online and in person NP programs. To address the issue AANP will need to continue to collaborate with AACN and NONPF on core competencies. Currently, NP program curriculums follow the nationally validated list. However, NONPF does not specify which clinical skills an NP student must know how to perform before graduation. The lack of specificity toward which clinical skills and procedures should be taught allows universities to decide what content areas should be covered. Current guidance only provides minimal direction, which is open to interpretation by FNP programs regarding the preparation of students in specified clinical skills and procedures.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

Over the past 18 years, I have also served as a Nurse Corp Officer in the Air Force Reserves with multiple deployments in austere environments. This experience has given me the opportunity to be a leader amongst my peers and be involved with leadership on multiple levels. Currently, I am the Chief Nurse for the 934th Aeromedical Staging Squadron (ASTS). My duties and responsibilities as Chief Nurse are to direct and evaluate training programs, advise the unit commander on matters of training status and mission readiness, coordinate integrated unit-wide training programs, and also provide administration, supervision, mentoring, career development and leadership for nursing personnel. One outcome from my role included the planning and execution of a wing readiness exercise which integrated 360 members to enhance mission and wartime skills needed for a near peer conflict. Since Sept 2019, I have been the NDSU administrator for the campus’s Stop the Bleed Initiative (STBI) and the STBI lead for train the trainer/administrator. I have facilitated over 30 training classes instructing 559 NDSU students and faculty. The NDSUSTBI has also procured and installed eight wall mounted Public Access Stop the Bleed Kits with provision for ten more across NDSU’s campus.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

If elected, I would continue to work on advancing AANP’s mission by engaging in further membership recruitment, collaborating with key stakeholders to advance the profession and establish global partnerships to promote NPs on an international basis. My first goal would be to increase AANP membership by 25% through recruitment events and engaging with NP students across the state. My second goal would be to continue collaborative efforts with local universities and NP preceptors. The purpose of the efforts is to develop best practices for continuing education opportunities for clinical skill development and sustainment of preceptors and NP students. Finally, I would also promote and facilitate the involvement of nurse practitioners in global health operations. Global health involvement will encompass the development and collaboration of efforts with a global partner such as Lantern Hill to address global health needs.