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Michelle Nelson, PhD, MS, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN

Candidate for Georgia State Liaison (Incumbent)

Michelle Nelson

Campaign Message:

Michelle Nelson is a proven leader in the state of Georgia and nationally who has effectively served as the AANP Georgia State Liaison over the past two years. From securing NP week Governor's Proclamations to speaking widely on AANP's behalf at schools and organizational meetings, Dr. Nelson continuously waves the AANP flag. Leading the way for bipartisan support of APRN focused legislation, Dr. Nelson has been instrumental in the passing of the first piece of APRN legislation in the past 15 years in Georgia. A highly respected and sought after motivational speaker, Dr. Nelson espouses the goals and objectives of the AANP strategic plan and direction.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Director of Graduate Programs Associate Professor

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

I have a strong background in leadership as evidenced by a variety of roles in various organizations as evidenced below: Offices Held National American Association of Nurse Practitioners – Georgia State Liaison – June 2022 - Present Carolyn Bordeaux Congressional Roundtable – Member, Advisor – January – December 2021 The Nurse Practitioner Journal - Editorial Advisory Board Member – August 2020 - Present State Georgia Commission on Women – Executive Board Secretary - November 2021 - Present Georgia Commission on Women – Commissioner - January 2020 - Present Georgians United for Healthcare – Chair and Founding Member – April 2020 – 2021 Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses - Co-Chair/Director, August 2018 – 2022 UAPRN State President, February 2016 - 2021 I do not have any leadership opportunities that I am currently engaged in, other than with the Georgia Commission on Women, or plan to over the next two years.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge is the inequities in the practice environment which preclude NPs from practicing at their fullest scope. Physician opposition to expanding the NP role and lack of understanding of the NP role along with onerous red tape not only harms commerce in the state of Georgia but also prevents vulnerable populations in rural areas from receiving the care they need and deserve. AANP can and must continue to support individual states with tools to have FNPs practice to the highest levels of their certification, education, and experience. By correcting the issues with APRNs being unable to practice to the fullest extent of their scope, the populations they serve will have greater access to quality, safe and affordable care. AANP has done a phenomenal job in shepherding individual states through the rocky political and practice waters. Continuity of these efforts will eventually yield the desired results in all states.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I have served in various leadership roles over the past 10 years. One of my signature initiatives is Update at 8 - an online health policy and legislative advocacy event held every Thursday evening at 8p during the legislative session. In my capacity, I liaise with healthcare organizations, nursing programs, and community organizations with a goal of increasing access to care and educating communities on the legislative process. The event has invited legislators, community leaders and industry experts to share their experiences and tools for legislative engagement practicing APRNS, advocates, students, faculty, and more. The event draws approximately 100 people weekly and is archived for later viewing. The offering is widely lauded and has been used as a recruitment tool for Georgia APRNs to attend and engage in healthcare policy advocacy at the annual AANP policy conference.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

My personal goal is to increase the numbers of underprivileged, vulnerable, and uninsured who have access to optimal healthcare particularly in the rural areas of Georgia. Continuation of my advocacy work is central to accomplishing this goal amongst others. Removing barriers to APRN practice is central to increasing access to much needed primary care in the state. Increasing access to NP- provided care in Georgia will assist in decreasing negative health outcomes that place Georgia in the bottom 10 for all healthcare indicators. I have a proven track record of advocating and building grassroots coalitions focused on access to care. My specific skillset is geared toward increasing membership and engagement in the AANP course offerings and resources. AANP has proven itself to be the premiere organization representing the needs of the client/consumer, expert in the delivery of equitable healthcare, champion of provider parity, and a leading resource for practice, education, advocacy, research, and leadership. Spreading the message of AANP’s commitment to safe, affordable, and quality healthcare for all throughout Georgia within organizations, groups, schools, universities, and hospitals has been and will continue to be my commitment as the Georgia State Representative.