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Amanda Connoyer, DNP, APRN, CNP

Candidate for Illinois State Liaison

Amanda Connoyer

Campaign Message:

I am honored to be considered to represent our nurse practitioners as the AANP liaison for our great state of Illinois. With 10 years as a nurse practitioner and 5 years in leadership in central and southern Illinois, I believe I will be able to be a strong voice for our NPs to innovate and allow for growth throughout Illinois. We have made great strides as a profession in Illinois, and I believe there is still work to be done across the healthcare landscape to ensure all patients have access to the high-quality care NPs provide. Thank you for your consideration!

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Director of Advanced Practitioners

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

AANP Executive Leadership Program AMGA APP Advisory Council Advanced Practice Advisory Council Chair, Springfield Clinic ISAPN Mentor Plan to Apply: AANP IL state liaison ISAPN bylaws committee ISAPN finance committee

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge that NPs face in today's healthcare environment is the growing number of people needing high-quality care and the restrictions per governing bodies on NP scope of practice within our states. We have made great strides in some states and the NP community needs to continue to lobby to remove barriers and restrictions on our scope of practice to meet the healthcare needs of our communities. As part of this effort, our AANP members within these communities must work with their local, state, and federal governing bodies to make changes to allow for full practice authority and eliminate the barriers that prevent us from providing high-quality care in all states. In addition, it is vital that NPs continue to mentor and train the next generation of NPs in our communities to meet these patient needs, increase our voice in the communities we serve, and remove these restrictions and barriers to scope and practice. They are the future of our profession!

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

In my years as an NP, I have found my passion for leading and mentoring other NPs locally and nationally. I model the skills of leading self, leading people, managing thinking, and applying knowledge and experience in my current NP role. I am the Director of Advanced Practice for a large physician practice in central Illinois, responsible for a team of approximately 280 APPs. I am responsible for growing the utilization of NPs in our organization, mentoring them, and partnering with local universities for clinical partnerships. I was one of the 14 NPs chosen to participate in the AANP Executive Leadership Program in 2023. I learned vital skills that gave me the knowledge and confidence to lead and innovate NPs in the future healthcare landscape. In my current role, I facilitated systematic change to improve patient and business outcomes at within my organization. I have successfully implemented changes to allow our NPs to practice at the top of their license for Illinois in multiple outpatient practices and hospital-based programs. In doing this, we have increased patient access and decreased delays in receiving high-quality care and procedures in our local communities.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

Advanced practitioners are vital in meeting the increasing demand for providers in the healthcare landscape. If elected, I would continue to effectively advocate and be the voice of NPs in our state by attending and speaking at Capitol Hill on topics that impact NPs in our state and at the federal level, such as payment reimbursements, full practice authority/NP scope, and other barriers to practice. I would also attend and speak at conferences to educate NPs about changes needed to assist in our continual growth. I will continue my work with local universities to nurture future generations of NPs to be a positive face, providing a professional persona in everything they do and high-quality, evidence-based care for their patients. I will continue to mentor new NP leaders in their roles to drive their programs to allow NPs to practice at the top of scope in their practice and utilize NPs throughout their organization to increase access to patient care. During my interactions with current and future NPs, I would always recommend joining the AANP and growing our numbers and voice to continue driving the NP profession into the forefront of healthcare.