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Brett Snodgrass, DNP, FNP-C, ACHPN, FAANP

Candidate for Mississippi State Liaison

Brett Snodgrass

Campaign Message:

I am Dr. Brett Snodgrass and I am running for AANP Mississippi State Liaison. I have served AANP in multiple capacities over the past years, including past Tennessee State Liaison, Nominations Committee (member and chair), JAANP reviewer, conference abstract reviewer, grant/scholarship reviewer, and I am co-chair of the Hospice and Palliative Care SIG. I am past co-chair of the Pain Management SIG. These are just a few ways I have been honored to serve AANP. I previously worked and practices in TN, then became licensed and now practice in MS in 2018 and live in our great state. If elected I will advocate for MS NPs of AANP. I will be involved in both the regional groups and state NP associations and work alongside other NPs for full practice authority and any issues that will improve NP and patient outcomes for Mississippi.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Palliative Medicine Systems Director of Operations

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

TN Coalition for Care - 2021 - Co-Chair Baptist System Wide Conference Committee Member 2022-current AANP Hospice and Palliative Care Special Interest Group - Co-Chair - 2023-current TN Chronic Pain Guidelines Committee - APP representative - 2016 to present HPNA Subject Expert 2023 - current TN Pain Society Board of Directory - 2016-current, Treasurer 2016-2018, Member at Large 2018- current

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenges facing NPs is no doubt, the ability for NPs to practice to the full extent of their education. Mississippi is one of 22 states with either restricted or reduced practice. It is also interesting to note that of those states with restricted practice, most are southern states. These states historically have some of the most rural communities, and worst health outcomes in the nation. AANP continues and should continue to support access to care issues with states. They continue to support each state, as they endeavor to move legislation that will remove these uneeded and untoward barriers to care.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I have been active in my states of practice having been a co-chair for the TN Coalition to care in 2021. Our work was with multiple APP groups within TN to work to reduce barriers to care. My most active role within TN is and was with the TN Chronic Pain Committee. It is with this group that we created and adopted TN Chronic Pain Guidelines and continue to work for safe and appropriate opioid prescribing. Now as a Systems Dir of Palliative Care for a large hospital system, I am practicing in both TN and MS, as well as living in MS. I am active member of MS Nurse Practitioner Association and a member of our local chapter as well. I have spoken at multiple MS NP Association conferences over the years, on opioid prescibing. On a national level, I was the TN State Liaison from 2015-2021 for AANP. I was also a co-chair of the Pain Management Special Interest Group and am now the co-chair of the inaugural year of the Hospice and Palliative Care Special Interest Group. I have been an invited speaker, abstract reviewer, grant reviewer for AANP over the years.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

I will continue my work in both MS to support and propose legislation to remove NP barriers to practice. I will continue to nurture and build legislative relationships to help improve health care outcomes in the state of MS. I will work closely with the NPs of MS, at a local and state level to support their practice. I will continue my involvement with MS NP Association, with my goal to become a liaison between AANP and MS NP Association. I will look to mentor new NPs and existing NPs in the state of MS, to lead NPs into the future. I will attend local and regional meetings in the state of MS to support and encourage membership of AANP. Finally, I will continue to support the mission of the Fellows of AANP to support and mentor outstanding NP practice in MS.