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Candidate for New Mexico State Liaison (Incumbent)

Gloria Doherty

Campaign Message:

I continue to work on the front line while continuing to participate and often lead teams to legislatively achieve true full practice authority (FPA). Though New Mexico has FPA for over 30 years, federal barriers disallow FPA as a reality. CMS rules prevent a significant number of NP clients from having their care completely directed by the provider of their choice. For example, diabetic patients often suffer amputation related to the delays that occur waiting to be seen by a physician for specialty shoes. This is tragic. Though I have been part of many teams creating work arounds (including the diabetic shoe issue), I wish to be able to be part of a larger team creating influence and change to our practice. NP's are the answer to increased access and decreased health inequities and disparities. I will be more engaged and active advancing AANP's goals (elected or not).

Biographical Statement
Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Intensivist NP

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

Appointed SL for New Mexico President-Elect NMNPC President NMNA Chair Legislative Committee NMNPC resigned presidency to accommodate SL position. Unfortunately, face for nurses in NM during pandemic for media and interview purposes. Pioneer role SRMC for NP intensivist Open to any roles to advance our profession within AANP. Invited member and participant to Senator Ben Ray Lujan and HHS Secretary Becerra's roundtable on Healthcare workforce. I was tasked to discuss current federal legislation for APRN's, the nursing shortage, and our state incentive legislatively to achieve a budget line for increasing faculty salaries.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

I believe the largest challenge in the delivery of effective, efficient and high quality health care by NP's is related to the antiquated CMS rules. Even in Full practice authority states, this is hindered by institutional by law restrictions. I am also concerned with AMA's reinvigorated agenda to place NP's under the authority of BOM's in the US. I am also concerned with the new trend of nurses going for NP licenses to open up or be medical directors for medi-spa's where there is no direct patient contact or on site evaluations. This is a new issue in NM with DEA investigating.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I have had the privilege of engaging in pioneer roles as an ACNP. My skills of navigating turbulent waters and difficult conversations have been well put to use in advancing the NP role. I completed a PhD in public policy and administration in order to serve better. I believe policy is the way to create change. We have many policies needing revisions. I would like to be more involved on the Federal front In NM, I was a leader and team member in many advances: - Preventing the loss of ultrasound use as a diagnostic tool - Preventing the APRN Compact proposed by NCSBN - APRN's to have admitting privileges and eligibility as medical staff regardless of institution in NM - Legislation for Medication Aid In Dying allowing NP's as eligible provider (we are the first state for this) - Growing inpatient NP service lines to address gaps in service from 26 to >150 before I transferred - Expert testimony provided every year in legislative sessions - Sharing information amongst other AANP members on achieving independent practice and how the NCSBN current compact is not a solution to the issues or of benefit the way it is worded.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

Our profession is my passion. I will continue to advance the goals of the strategic plan through participating in teams identifying barriers to NP practice therefore creating barriers to access for our healthcare consumers. I will continue to share knowledge to states without FPA on strategies to attain legislation. I am currently coordinating and facilitating meetings with state legislators to improve relationships with their NP constituents as we will have a difficult session this upcoming year through "112 Nurses for 112 Legislators. In NM, we were successful in achieving parity in payment for Medicaid patients and I hope to be part of a team seeking the same federally. I think our largest barrier is CMS antiquated rules which continues to create barriers even to those states with FPA. I hope to be able to involved with advocating for changes in those rules and in disseminating information on legislation aimed at decimating those barriers (eg. Diabetic shoes, federal examinations, ICAN, cardiac and pulmonary rehab). Through peeking interest, I hope AANP membership from those nurse practitioners is achieved. Nurse practitioners and the care we provide can be the solution for decreasing healthcare inequities and disparities, and improving access. This my mantra.