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Kimberly Brazee, MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC, CCRN

Candidate for Ohio State Liaison

Kimberly Brazee

Campaign Message:

We need a leader who embodies healthcare excellence, dedication to patient care, and passionate about removing APRN practice barriers. Kimberly Brazee, has over 29 years of healthcare experience and is a respected advanced practice executive leader and acute care nurse practitioner. Kim consistently demonstrates her commitment to improving patient outcomes while enhancing healthcare access. She believes in the power of collaboration demonstrated by her close work with healthcare stakeholders, driving changes that advance our profession. She ensures we are represented in healthcare policy discussions throughout Ohio. Kim values lifelong professional development as evidenced by her advocacy for comprehensive educational programs ensuring Nurse Practitioners are at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Kim effectively collaborates with healthcare organizations, government officials, and community leaders. She will forge alliances benefiting our profession and patients. Elect Kim Brazee as AANP State Liaison so we can amplify our collective voice influencing decisions that shape our profession.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer

Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

System Director Advanced Practice Providers

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

- System Director Advanced Practice Providers March 2022 – Present - Manager Advanced Practice Providers May 2017-March 2022 - SullivanCotter National APP Advisory Council member, 2022-Present - Chair, Ohio Board of Nursing APRN Advisory Committee, 2023-Present - Ursuline College Breen School of Nursing Community Advisory Board, 2022-Present - Med ED Advisory and Governance Committee Case Western Reserve University, 2022-Present - Lake Erie College PA Steering Committee, 2022-Present - Ohio Board of Nursing APRN Advisory Committee, 2021-2023 - University Hospitals System Advanced Practice Provider Council, Chair, 2021-2022 - Chair, Ahuja Medical Center Resuscitation Committee 2018-2022 - Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, Director, Northeast Region, 2016-2017 & 2020-2021 - University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center Quality Committee, Chair, 2019-2021 I have initiated multiple projects, model designs, finance proposals, standardization, and education and continue to build an advanced practice program at University Hospitals. I am on multiple steering committees, boards and partner with multiple academic institutions to ensure a streamline approach to advance practice education in collaboration with our institution. This work will continue over the next several years and the program grows to incorporate more advanced practice and re-modeled care team designs.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

One of the biggest challenges facing NPs in the delivery of health care over the next decade is navigating the changing platform of education and reimbursement. In Ohio, we are not a full practice authority state and this has been a challenge to gain momentum for change. Strong opposition exists against full practice authority and ant tends to be focused on education. As online programs continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate conversations surrounding training. In addition to the educational push back, the reimbursement disparities through Medicare do not help support the independent practice and at times becomes a discussion of revenue for health systems. AANP has been very successful in advocating on the expansion of practice at a national level and has been very impactful in moving the message. I think continuing to partner with AANP will serve and a conduit to achieving the goal of full practice authority as well as fair and equitable reimbursement for providers providing the same level of care through Medicare. These two areas of focus is where I believe AANP can continue to advocate for full practice as well as work with Medicare to ensure payment parity.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I consider my leadership as transformational. My expertise is bringing teams together and developing unified programs to be sustainable and successful. In addition to program development, professional and clinical growth remain a priority for me. As the healthcare landscape continues to change, we need to remain creative and agile in developing healthcare models that integrate advanced practice providers to ensure the best delivery of care. To be successful in the integration of advanced practice, we need to ensure there is a solid foundation of education and support. In my current position I identified a significant deficit in the retention of our newly graduated providers in our organization. As the system director representing over 1200 advanced practice providers, I developed a unified onboarding program to support the transition into the organization. This program was built as a landing space for all advanced practice providers in our organization from multiple certifications to converge together for organizational support, professional development, educational resources, network for mentoring and a platform for success. The program was launched over a year ago and we have successfully decreased our first year turnover from 34.5% to 14.8% with continued signs of decreased turnover.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

The advancement of AAPN’s mission and strategic plan can be accomplished by my continued active participation within my organization, and at a state/national level. I believe increasing the number of APRNs in leadership roles and continued education of practice is essential in moving AANPs strategic plan reputation, authority and expertise. If given the chance to be the Ohio state liaison I will be able to link APRNs across the state and encourage growth in leadership and participation in AANP. Thoughtful conversations at my local institution and throughout the state to educate on the practice of nurse practitioners assists in this expansion of practice. Building care models that promote independent billing for providers within a hospital organization while putting aside the disparity that currently exists in reimbursement thus focusing on the care provided instead of reimbursement deficits. Promotion of national organization participation and belonging for all advanced practice at my organization to ensure that they are all connected at a national level – this will continue to provide a future pipeline of nurse practitioner leaders at a national level and also support AANP mission to be the leading resource for nurse practitioners.