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Eugene Lucas, DNP, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC

Candidate for Pennsylvania State Liaison

Eugene Lucas

Campaign Message:

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Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer

Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Assistant Professor Wilkes University

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

I am a former AANP Pennsylvania State Representative from 2019-2021. I currently am the coordinator of the Wilkes Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program for the last ten years. I am the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners Northeastern representative on the Team 25 NP autonomous practice legislation push. I am a Hunlock Township Supervisor for the last five years. I would look forward to chairing a committee related to mental health/substance abuse in the next two years.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

Definitely autonomous practice to allow NPs to provide the services commensurate with their education, skills and scope of practice. This would allow for more access to underserved populations.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I am a proven leader in maintaining a high level of success with students seeking ANCC PMHNP national certifications as a result of my program. I have been part of the selection process for the AANP excellence awards and have nominated successful a candidate. I practice in an underserved area addressing low income, non-job related health care benefit multicultural individuals at Volunteers in Medicine resulting in better access to mental health services for those in need. I am a tenured Assistant Professor at Wilkes University and serve on the Wellness and Long Range Strategic planning committee. As a Township Supervisor I have played a part in arranging and maintaining ambulance services and supporting a memorial for veterans within the Township. I have met with Representatives and Senators as part of the Team 25 process and provided education and information regarding autonomous practice legislation for NPs in Pennsylvania. I have been an active part in this process for 8 years and saw the Pennsylvania Senate pass the bill on two occasions.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

I will represent the AANP in providing information and membership access within the schools of higher learning in the Commonwealth. I will continue in the AANPs efforts to educate lawmakers in the necessary approval of full practice authority in Pennsylvania. I will become involved in AANP committees to represent the state and communicate information to professional organizations in Pennsylvania. I will strive to stay in contact with all of the NP organizations in the Commonwealth to further the footprint of the AANP within the state. I will use my experience in working with the diverse community in Volunteers in Medicine to influence policy. I will act as a conduit between the AANP and Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners to make resources available and information flow constant. I will influence student NPs in gaining knowledge of the AANP for potential membership in the organization.