Cindy Edwards-Tuttle, MBA, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP

Candidate for President-Elect

Campaign Message:

As a leader I will LINK AANP’s vision with action. I will transform AANP’s strategic goals into robust strategic activities that promotes nurse practitioner in scope of practice. I am a resilient advocate for nurse practitioners in the design and construct of high-quality health care delivery models and the expansion of access and standards of care. I unite people thru vision and foster relationships with all stakeholders that share AANP’s vision: education, advocacy research and leadership. A vote for me is a vote for a leader that will build on the momentum of NP practice and the future of AANP.

Current Professional Position

NP for occupational health and urgent care Consultant for strategic and operations in health care

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

I have the attributes of a leader with both cognitive and emotional intelligence needed by AANP. My foundation of leadership grounded in my Master of Science in Nursing and an Executive Master in Business harnessed my skills to advocate for nurse practitioners and our patients. I am currently serving on the AANP Board as the Recording-Secretary. I have served as a Board member for AANP since the merger of AANP and ACNP in 2013. Beyond my board positions and a Vice President of a health care organization I advocate for NPs to be recognized as expert clinicians who provide access to care. Living in a collaborative state I have participated in multiple projects that embrace incremental changes to achieve full scope of practice. In my role of Vice President, I was the executive leader providing a voice and promoting 350 NPs to be partners in practice. In the role of an educator and a mentor I share my expertise thru conference presentations to advance competency in organizational, operational and leadership learning. I am a member of Lourdes University Healthcare Advisory Council and the University of Toledo Executive Master’s in Business and Innovation Advisory Board.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

I am a passionate advocate for patients promoting the high quality, evidenced based care delivered by nurse practitioners (NPs). The greatest challenges are: the ability of patients to choose their provider, a NP which impacts their care, and safeguarding the clinical practice and public recognition of independent licensed NPs who provide high-quality, evidenced-based care for individuals and populations. NPs provide access to care across a large spectrum of health care delivery settings in primary care, acute care, behavioral health and specialty care. The scope of the nurse practitioner is confronted by internal and external threats attempting to marginalize practice and education of the nurse practitioner. The merit of a nurse practitioner’s competency and expertise is questioned by competitive forces and NPs must defend the scope of practice, the educational platform, advocacy for legislative initiatives, research in advance care and leadership positions in various venues. Advocacy for the nurse practitioner must be aligned be the compelling voice to all stakeholders that serve or receive health care. The challenge most crucial today is for stakeholders of healthcare to value the education, knowledge, experience and competency of NPs and foster choice and access of care provided by NPs in all settings.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I obtained expertise in executive management and organizational leadership throughout my professional career. I am an ardent leader with the understanding of a board member’s role and responsibility to promote an organization. My leadership experience and style afford the promise of loyalty, fiduciary expertise, transparency and strategic planning to advance AANP. I have a master’s in business and nursing, and 15 years of experience as a nurse practitioner in primary and urgent care. I have strategic alignment with the mission of AANP to promote the expansion of APRNs . As a Vice-President I was responsible of administrative oversite for 350 nurse practitioners in a large organization. I led an innovative program to improve access for patient and developed and implemented a business plan to open seven urgent care sites where healthcare is administered solely by advanced practice providers, in a collaborative state. My strength as a strategic leader is built on the qualities of loyalty, ethics, compassion, innovative and emotional intellect and are essential to move AANP forward. I possess the leadership architect to frame an organization’s mission and purpose into strategic action with a balance of incorporating the organization’s history and producing transformational change to advance AANP and NPs.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

My leadership attributes mirror the values of AANP: integrity, excellence, professionalism, leadership and service. I ascribe and lead through actions of transparency, accountability, diplomacy and respect to build alliances and achieve the goals of the organization. I am passionate, organized, and energetic and have the tenacity to be a disrupter and remove barriers. I embrace the organization’s strategic goals for patients to choose NPs as their healthcare provider and diversity of NPs in practice. I advocate for change yet embrace the history of AANP. I strive to empower NPs to excel as leaders in practice and advocate for healthcare in multiple venues. This is accomplished through strategic actions which encompass evidence-based outcome research, development of ongoing learning and educational programs, deployment of strong advocacy platforms and leadership development for all NPs. Enrichment of AANP strategies that embrace engagement and social media avenues to advance AANP membership, deployment NP leaders and Fellows of AANP to advance public awareness of the scope of NP practice is fundamental for our future and success. Partnering with all stakeholders that share the vision of high-quality health care delivery models is an essential next step as AANP advances the role and scope of NPs.