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Frank Manole, DNP, MBA, FAANP

Candidate for Recording Secretary

Frank Manole

Campaign Message:

Colleagues and Friends - I am running for Secretary of the Board of Directors for AANP because I feel that my skillset, experience, and collaborative nature are assets to the organization and can contribute to our future success and stability. Over many years of AANP service, I have always believed that my role as a servant leader, to contribute and give back to the organization that has given me so much. I am running for Secretary because I feel that I have something to give back and can add value to our Board of Directors. If given the honor to continue to serve, I commit to working tirelessly to contribute my talents and time to the support the success of our organization and work to advance our mission and the benefit of the greater good. I hope you will continue to entrust me and appreciate your consideration.

Current Professional Position

Chief Operating Officer

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

Chief Operating Officer - Raleigh Radiology - 2022-present Vice-President Operations - Avance Care - 2019-2022 AANP Board of Directors - Region 4 Director - 2021-present Board Liaison - Fall Conference 2022 Board Liaison - Fellows Executive Committee - 2021-2022 Region Meeting Planning Committee - 2021-present Workgroup Chair - CEO Contract Committee AANP

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

The delivery of healthcare in the US has reached a pivotal point. Patients are more educated about their healthcare needs and have more options available to them. Further, there is a significant gap in the ability to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to many Americans, including those with the most significant gaps in access to these services. This should be the primary focus of the healthcare industry and AANP; to allow a proactive, collaborative approach to solve our country's needs and drive our care. NPs are facing constant pressures to defend their value and ability to be a solution to our nation's needs. NPs are over 350,000 solutions to solve our access to care needs. They should be permitted to practice to the full extent of their education and training in order to support access to care for patients to choose their provider. Further, the ability for NPs to practice to their scope and training while earning fair and equitable reimbursements for their services is a priority. AANP needs to continue to be the voice for all nurse practitioners to ensure access for all of our communities while advocating for equitable compensation and the ability to practice to our highest levels.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

While I have been a Nurse Practitioner almost 20 years, I believe that my diverse background and experience are what set me apart as a candidate. My training as a nurse practitioner with both an MBA and a DNP provide me the foundation needed to lead large teams and organizations successfully. I have demonstrated progressive and successful leadership within AANP, on the Board and in many workgroups and other roles. Currently, my professional role as the Chief Operating Officer requires me to focus more on the development and support of those around me and affords me the opportunity to look at all functions and needs. I have participated in, and led, many workgroups and high priority projects within AANP related to fiscal responsibility or strategic initiatives, including region meeting workgroup, contract negotiations, and Fall Conference planning group. These experiences have developed the skillset to consistently deliver in a high-quality manner, work well with others to ensure mutual goals are achieved, and develop emotional intelligence and a strategic mindset to position the organization for success. I have always maintained my clinical roots, but also developed the necessary business and leadership skills to think about big picture, strategy, operations, and accountability.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

If elected, I will continue to support the Board working in collaboration with fellow Board members, the CEO, and staff to develop grounded strategies and support transparent governance to guide our organization into the future. I will ensure that we are focused on supporting our strategic plan and working tirelessly to create opportunities to support our profession's future. I will ensure that we align our policies and priorities to support our mission and promote the needs of all of our members and communities. Much work has been done to advance our role over the last few years, but much continues to be needed to use research and data to support parity in reimbursement, outdated practice regulations, and efforts to promote equitable care to all. Finally, I will work to support the next generation of NP leaders to advance our profession into the future.