Candidate for Recording Secretary

Campaign Message:

It's been my honor to have served AANP membership as the past Region 11 Director and I ask for your continued confidence in my leadership to serve as Recording Secretary. This position is essential to accurately record all meetings per Roberts Rules in creating our archival records to preserve our history. I feel the secretary must also be engaged, work collegiality, and purposefully with the full board, administration, and staff to support the strategic plan. I will be present, prepared, and diligent representing all members keeping in mind the mission of AANP on any decisions or recommendations. Since the merger, great progress has been made and it’s this continued momentum that directs us to ensure patients right to choose NPs as their health provider, work for parity in reimbursement and compensation and take every opportunity to showcase our members as confident healthcare leaders bringing unity and recognition to our profession.

Current Professional Position

Executive Director Florida Nurse Practitioner Network, Inc. / Business Consultant

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

I served as AANP 's Region 11 Director for three-terms chairing several committees including revision of the new Leadership program, State Policy, Region Meeting Committee, Fellows Liaison, and elected as delegate-at- large on the Executive Committee. I have served in faculty, supervisory, leadership, and entrepreneur roles and owned a successful occ-med practice in Tampa for 22 years. My experience on community and professional boards, national and state committees has focused on NP advocacy, legislation, mentoring colleagues and networking. Building coalitions has been a career passion. In 2019 I was elected as co-chair of Florida's APRN Coalition. Locally, I serve as the first and only NP on a free clinic board serving over 30-thousand patients. My contributions to AANP include co-developing the live and online CMV driver training course for NPs to become certified and appointed as the first SPG Co-Chair for Occupational-Environmental Health. During AANP’s 50th NP anniversary, I organized interviews for our pioneer Fellows film project that was instrumental in the creation of the AANP History Committee. As a leader in Florida, I serve now as the first Florida NP Network Executive Director the presenting at represents over twenty-seven thousand NPs in Florida to build a stronger unified voice.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge facing NPs is the continued incongruence amongst state and federal regulations that govern NP practice and work in all states. Nurse Practice Acts in twenty-eight states and two U.S. territories are outdated, forcing NPs to work under decades long restrictions and practice limitations that impact our ability to care for patients. Despite the numerous studies showing NP’s are qualified and safe providers, NPs must find ways to remove barriers whenever disruption and delay impacts patient's access to care while still ensuring safe and efficient care and removal of unnecessary regulations. Removing the barriers on NP practice in the remaining restricted states would certainly assure NPs as the top primary care providers especially in rural areas. This in-turn could reduce the predicted national shortage of primary care providers by increasing greater access to primary care. NPs are the key force for successful health reform in the United States. While NPs are facing more legislative resistance as opponents ramp up their efforts to persuade legislators to continue the status quo, regardless what their state health ranking may be. We need to remove supervision requirements now and allow all NPs the ability to practice equally from state to state.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

For the position of recording secretary, keen office and business skills are necessary including being tech savvy, staying focused, and maintaining organizational skills including accuracy, listening, timeliness, and accountability. As a 22-year business owner, I feel I’ve mastered these skills by creating and maintaining my business, preparing records, writing RFP applications, creating marketing plans, and writing policies and procedures. Professionalism is critical in business affairs, especially communication with clients - a key to NP success. For the past two years, I have served as recording secretary for the Florida APRN Coalition. As Region Director for AANP, I reviewed past minutes submitted from 2013-2019 and provided corrections when necessary. I am very familiar with our AANP process for minutes. In leadership areas, I hold an entrepreneurial spirit to see beyond the norm and create new ideas that are innovative and proactive. I look for opportunities to promote the NP role whenever possible and work toward building bridges when possible to promote collegial relationships. Negotiation is critical in all business. An example is my recent consultant work with an independent physician practice group developing a multi-county Clinical Integrative Network (CIN) and negotiating the opportunity to include NP practice owners in the group.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

I support opportunities to empower nurse practitioners to advance quality care through the PEARL model which requires strong leadership and commitment to the strategic plan. The plan requires continuous evaluation at every board meeting. I would work with the board to ensure the strategic plan goals /objectives and strategies are reviewed, measured, and updated at all board meetings. Goal A is directed at public/health care consumers and supports the national campaign "We Chose NPs". It's an effective key message I promote to all NPs and recommend placement in all programs offered at AANP. Goal B reflects our reputation, authority and expertise whereby AANP is solidly recognized as the NP Voice supporting over 270,000 NPs. If elected, I'd work to ensure AANP promotes these core values and recognizes the expertise of all members every-way and creates opportunities for NPs to have a voice in health care decisions locally, nationally and internationally. Goal C focuses on Parity in Compensation and Reimbursement. However, we need to reflect on new strategies for members to engage. Our message is to challenge the status-quo on payment and reimbursement, knowing our value and worth as we move to a demanding value-based healthcare system. Hereby, NPs will succeed.