Karen Ketner, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP

Candidate for Treasurer

Karen Ketner

Campaign Message:

Karen Ketner has been a dedicated advocate for NPs and the mission and strategic priorities of AANP for decades. She is poised to assume the role of AANP Treasurer based on many years of experience in organizational management including preparation and implementation of budgets, financial forecasting and evaluation of financial decisions. Most importantly, she has a great understanding of the financial impact of both internal and external factors that affect financial well-being. Additionally, she is very familiar with the structure and function of operations at AANP and has enormous respect for the AANP staff and the Board she would be working with as Treasurer.

If privileged to be elected as Treasurer of AANP, she will continue the hard work of supporting and promoting AANP's goals while ensuring sound financial decisions are made for a successful financial future for AANP that will benefit all NPs.

Current Professional Position

Director of Advanced Practice - Santa Clara County

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

My leadership experiences over the past 10 years have included serving as President of the Board of Directors of the California Association for Nurse Practitioners (CANP) 2009-2010 and Immediate Past President of CANP from 2010-2011. I was the Immediate Past President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of CANP for several years and in 2019 was elected Vice President of the Chapter, a role I still serve in currently. I served as the Northern California State Representative for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) for 3 terms prior to being elected as AANP Region 9 Director. I am currently completing my third term in this office. During my time as Region 9 Director, I have been named the liaison to the AANP BOD for the International Committee, the Political Action Committee and the State Awards Committee. As a member of the Regional Meeting Committee, I assisted in redesign of what was formerly the annual Regional Leadership Meeting into the new Regional Meeting, structured to better meet the needs of all of our members. I was tasked with and completed the template for an AANP Committee Handbook designed to organize committee process and forms and standardize committee function.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge facing AANP and NPs today is the fact that the health care consumer still does not have an accurate grasp of the education, training, scope of practice and the outcomes of care delivered by NPs. Knowledge of who we are, what we do and how well we do it, is the foundation of our success and a springboard to meet all of our strategic objectives. AANP has made great strides in support and implementation of very effective marketing campaigns geared to the consumer which have led to an increased awareness of NPs and their role evidenced by the turnaround we are seeing with media reaching out to AANP for comment and a story vs. the other way around as it has been in the past. Unfortunately, our success in this space has been met by strong opposition and counter attacks by fringe medical groups using Social Media to spread their rhetoric. They are working hard at this, which means we are doing a great job getting the word out. It is critical that we unite, continue to support and promote marketing, present consistent messaging and be resilient on behalf of patients.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

In addition to an appreciation of hard work, possessing the traits of courage and optimism while remaining non-judgmental have probably been at the center of my success stories. I believe in visionary direction that is guided by collaborative engagement of stakeholders. The influential leader that I strive to be realizes that there is more to learn and more to work on. For me, one of the hardest traits to master is resilience. I keep a copy of “The Four Agreements” on my desk to remind me not to take things personally, be courageous, adapt and try again. I became passionate about managing concussions in adolescent athletes after attending a 2-day seminar on the topic. I learned that education was critical and that proper management including many preventive measures made a difference in outcomes. Concurrently, I realized that our providers were all managing concussions differently, not always according to current guidelines and there was little education on prevention. To address this, I suggested creating a Concussion Clinic. After presenting the project to the Department, I listened to their feedback, answered questions, then modified the original plan. After several educational presentations, we started a very successful Concussion Clinic that has improved care.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

I will continue to advance the AANP Mission and Strategic Plan by supporting these strategic priorities with clear, consistent communication, directional influence and by serving as a role model for the profession. I believe that AANP's strategic goals will be met by offering all NP's the tools they need using the PEARL acronym. To promote the mission and the goal of full and direct access to NP care, I support AANP's public awareness campaigns and efforts to remove barriers to practice through education of consumers, legislators and colleagues about the background and role of the NP. NP leaders need to promote AANP's CE Center, a valuable member benefit, mentor students in quality, evidence-based clinical practices, publish and speak widely. We cannot underscore the importance of grassroots efforts to promote FPA and support bills that align with AANP's mission and strategic vision. In California, we need to develop a strategy to realign the state NPO and AANP. We need to promote and support AANP's Research Department by supporting their financial requests and participate as requested. I support AANP's Leadership Programs, have encouraged members to seek leadership opportunities with AANP by requesting to join committees and will continue to mentor future leaders.