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Karen Ketner, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP

Candidate for Treasurer (Incumbent)

Karen Ketner

Campaign Message:

I have proudly served AANP and the NP profession for over 30 years, most recently in the role of AANP Treasurer. As the incumbent for this position, I have a clear understanding of the time commitment and responsibilities involved and would be honored to be re-elected as AANP Treasurer. I understand that in order for AANP to continue to provide services and programs designed to meet the needs of our members, AANP must maintain financial stewardship. To remain financially healthy, AANP needs an effective Treasurer who can work well with the CEO, AANP staff and the BOD. I believe I have the necessary traits to continue to do a great job including attention to detail, ability to clearly communicate and strong work ethic. I will continue to support alignment of the budget with the organization's strategic priorities, compliance with AANPs financial policies and commitment to ethical, sound financial decisions.

Current Professional Position

Executive Director of Advanced Practice

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

In the past three years, I have had leadership experiences at the national and local level. At the national level, for AANP, my leadership experiences include: Treasurer BOD Liaison to the Political Action Committee BOD Liaison to the Awards Committee President’s Honorarium Committee Region Membership Meeting Committee – Chair CEO Evaluation Committee – Chair 2021 I represent AANP on the CDC’s monthly ACIP Combined Immunization Schedule Work Group Meetings For the local chapter of our state NPO, I have served as Vice -President of the BOD. In regards to future leadership opportunities I would like to engage in over the next two years, I hope to be re-elected to the position of AANP Treasurer. My experiences in this role have influenced the development of the following goals I have for the Treasurer position:

  1. To ensure that we align our budget to the organizations strategic priorities
  2. To ensure compliance with AANPs financial policies
  3. To ensure that the BOD has a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications of the motions they are asked to vote on
  4. The organization maintains financial stewardship I have no plans of engaging in additional future leadership opportunities over the next two years.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

Our greatest challenge continues to be state and federal level barriers to practice. Full Practice Authority (FPA) for all 50 states is the goal. To date, through the efforts of the State Government Affairs Office (SGA) and the work of the State Liaisons, AANP has positioned itself well to respond to and support the states to advance their legislative agendas towards FPA. They have also monitored legislation in states that have FPA to intercept potential threats to their legislative gains. The AANP BOD has and should continue to financially support a "boots on the ground" approach to advocacy led by SGA. These efforts should continue in states identified as a state that these lobbying efforts will make a significant impact on legislation in the direction of FPA. At the federal level, AANP needs to continue to be a presence on the hill lobbying on behalf of NPs and their patients. AANP communicates federal level issues to members via the weekly Government Affairs Updates and Calls for Action when letters are needed. The Health Policy Conference, organized Hill visits and the Advocacy Center on the website all make it easier for every member to be an advocate for NPs and patients

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I am a confident leader who utilizes relationship building and influencing to lead. Using positivity and enthusiasm, I encourage team members to be effective contributors. I value the opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of my colleagues and do this often, whether publicly or privately. I mentor, often utilizing the story of my own professional journey. I am inclusive and I see every problem as an opportunity. I feel I am a good listener, clear communicator and respect and value the opinions of others. Last year, I was named Chair of the CEO Evaluation Committee. Although the sub-group of BOD members assigned to this committee knew each other, they had never worked together as a sub-group. I identified each members strengths for utilization during discussions. Some members were more engaged than others giving me the opportunity encourage the whole group to participate, I gave each member time to speak and promoted respectful dialogue. In the end, the outcome was that we came to unanimous decisions on our recommendations regarding this evaluation. During the presentation of our recommendations to the BOD, I acknowledged each committee member for their contributions and encouraged them to also answer questions about our work from the BOD.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

To align with the mission statement of increasing access to high quality NP delivered care to diverse populations of patients, I fully support the goals of AANP's strategic plan including provision of cutting edge education delivered in new and innovative ways, availability of the latest evidence-based practice pearls, access to legislative advocacy, mentorship of new leaders and conduction of research. Being re-elected as Treasurer will give me the opportunity to continue to work with the AANP CEO, VP of Finance and the BOD to review our Strategic Priorities, determine the financial resources necessary to accomplish work towards meeting the goals then review the proposed annual budget to crosscheck for alignment of our financial resources with our goals. This is also an opportunity to lead the organization in efforts to continue to maintain financial stewardship. For AANP to continue to have the financial health and resources necessary to advance the organization's mission and strategic plan, it is imperative that we continue to make sound financial decisions. This makes initiation of discussions that lead to a better understanding of the financial impact that proposals and decisions the BOD has to vote on an important part of the role of the AANP Treasurer.