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Kate Taylor, DNP, FNP-C, CPPS, FNAP

Candidate for Nomination Council

Kate Taylor

Campaign Message:

Dr. Kate Taylor is a certified family nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience in health care. She currently practices in geriatric primary care and transitioning to nursing academia as the founding assistant dean in clinical and outreach affairs. She also teaches an array of interprofessional learners within the university, locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Taylor works extensively with the Center of Older Adults House Calls program and initiated interprofessional team collaboration in the practice and almost tripled house call population. She worked with the National Learning Network, a national organization for home based primary care, to initiate a quality improvement innovation and increased annual wellness visits to over 50%. Additionally, she revamped the advance care planning process increasing the institution’s billing by 400% from the period between 2019 to 2021 with follow up research in process. Vote for Dr. Kate Taylor for your voice in the nomination council for the AANP.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer

Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Assistant Dean of Clinical and Outreach Services Adjunct Faculty for Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Clinical Executive of SaferCare Texas

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

I am 60 days newly appointment an executive leadership position of a new nursing school. The roles/activities in this position is currently underway, but here are a few examples of accomplishments thus far. • Established community signed clinical affiliation agreements for clinical practice for future nursing students. • Contributed to the mission, vision, values, and educational philosophy. • Assisted with development of the faculty handbook. • Met with potential community partners and conducted in person community assessments. • Exploring options to provide a community presence with a scholarship option and group volunteer activity. • Advocated for nursing education in DC at the Capitol. • Practiced 60% in a busy clinical practice while developing curriculum for two courses, completing a microcredential, completing a publication, and participating in a post-doctoral fellowship focused on healthcare education. I was the interim director for geriatric house calls team from 2020 to 2023. I was or am completing the following. • Led the team in a plan-do-study-act quality improvement project related to home annual wellness visits and increased billing revenue by greater than 50%. • Increased our house call population by 150% • Added two more supportive house call team members. • Coaching a staff member on methods to increase chronic care management enrollment, home vaccination delivery, and medication reviews.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

Scope of practice limitation- Although this is a long-time challenge, there is still work to be done. Looking back at all the effort AANP and state organizations have made, the movement in this challenge is incredible. Burnt on being burned out- Just like RNs, NPs burnout too, especially with a high paced multifaceted job with recommendations to be a mentor, preceptor, leader, researcher, policy mover, and active member in nursing organizations. We need to find evidence-based interventions that work with our students, NPs and our NP faculty. Advocacy- Continue to encourage NPs to make Capitol Hill visits and find a voice in policy. Advocate for methods for NPs to increase access to care and provide care to the most vulnerable communities as well as support the educational system that launches NPs into our communities. Research- Data matters so AANP needs to continue to have a focus with highlighting the positive outcomes from the work of our hard-working NPs. This data is vital for our students, communities, and policy makers to know and incorporate in decisions related to our patients.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

In my primary care clinic of geriatrics, I lead our team with improving our advance care planning (ACP) delivery. I had leadership buy in for a designated time to conduct special visits with patients dedicated to discuss ACP only. I first re-trained on the concepts of ACP as well as learned the billing aspects. I revamped our ACP patient education materials to be consistent with health literacy standards. Then, I developed a protocol on how to conduct ACP appointments as well as expanded ACP appointments from the office to in home or via telehealth. I educated our clinic staff as well as other providers in the institution. I promoted all these efforts with our patient population and educated our various on-site learners. Additionally, collaborated with a neighboring nursing school to educate their learners. All of these efforts culminated to an increase in ACP billing by 400% in 2019-2021 and were published by the American Geriatrics Society. Currently, I am leading a team to recollect data to see if our efforts were sustainable. I plan on submitting those results to the JAANP for publication.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

In light of my application for the nomination committee, I plan on advancing the AANP’s mission and it’s strategic plan by ensuring AANP’s mission is on the forefront of my decision-making processes while participating in the nomination committee. Related to goal A and the objectives, I am newly assigned to the duty of legislative ambassador for the Texas Nurse Practitioners. I attended this past weekend, my first visit to the Capitol advocating for funding for nursing education. I want to role model and influence our students and my colleagues to prioritize that voice. In regard to goal B and the objectives, I want to find experiences for our students to learn more about health disparities in clinical experiences. We have a zip code in our city that has the lowest life expectancy in the state. I have done an initial on-site and pending other on-site visits to see how our College of Nursing can partner with this community. This zip code is one of my priorities in my clinical and community assistant dean position with the goal to develop a pipeline with the nursing school. The ultimate goal is to improve the care with health disparities in practice and patient care by sparking innovation in our future healthcare workforce.