Kathy Haycraft, DNP, FNP/PNP-BC, DCNNP

Candidate for Treasurer

Campaign Message:

I would be honored to serve the members of AANP as Treasurer. The most important value I can bring to the organization is that of transparency. I am a moderate in tone and fiscal values. I consider it an honor to work for the board and with the staff to achieve excellent organizational outcomes. I would be thrilled to share the financial report at the annual membership meeting. I have a long history in organizational administration and management. My current part time role as a practicing clinician will allow me to have additional time to devote to AANP.

I have watched the AANP board grow in leaps and bounds. I have seen the board be nimble in times of financial stress and abundance. The board has excellent trust and leadership that is rare. It would be an honor to continue to serve AANP.

Current Professional Position

Riverside Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

I have been the Region 7 Regional Director for the last five years. I was elected in this position two times in competitive elections. Prior to this I served as the Missouri State Representative and was also elected in competitive elections. I have served on the Regional Director Committee, the History Committee and National Conference Committee. Prior to serving as the Missouri State Representative, I was the Chair of the Advance Practice Special Interest Group and was heavily involved in Missouri health care policy. I was appointed by Speaker Tim Jones to the Committee to Transform Medicaid in the State of Missouri and was previously appointed to Governor Bond to the Education Committee for Missouri. I was selected by the UMKC health sciences department as the 2011 Alumni of the year. I had created my own internship at the HRSA of CMS during my doctoral program. I am very comfortable blazing my own pathway. I served on the board at my local community to create the first free clinic for Hannibal Missouri. I have served on the Local Arts Council and am chair of the local Bluff City Theater of Hannibal.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

The biggest challenge facing NPs in the delivery of health care in the next decade is to eliminate all barriers that prevent patient's ability to choose the provider of their choice. The current pandemic is straining the health care system to the point that all health care providers need to practice at the full extent of their license and ability. AANP's federal and state health policy department needs to be fully engaged with all state NPOs to actualize this process. We must avoid situations which could lead to a negative domino effect across the nation. Dovetailing on this is to assure clarity in the vision of AANP with our NPOs and to create strategic partnerships with all of our NPs. I support the annual meeting for our members to assure that this vision reaches the NPs on the frontlines of care delivery. Working to achieve consensus while not diluting this vision is a challenge to assure communication clarity. AANP needs to work toward non statutory teams. Messaging surrounding the need for professional independence in these teams is critical. Health care providers always work in teams and not silos. We need to clearly articulate this message.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I am a servant leader and believe in supporting the President(s) of the organization. I believe that the AANP BOD has the fiduciary responsibility for strategic and budgetary development. I feel there are multiple examples where I have assisted the board in developing the above. Because of the confidentiality requirements of the AANP BOD, I am not at liberty to share these actions. In previous roles, I developed the White Paper for APRNs for Missouri. I take great pride that Vanderbilt and Barb Safriet utilized my white paper as a key reference. It took a team to develop this paper and I included this team on the authorship. I met with my Governor, Director of Missouri Health Net and multiple legislators annually over the past decade. While achieving verbal support, changing Missouri Politics is challenging. I work within Missouri Nurses Association and the Missouri Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners and with other coalitions to work at progressively building a consensus. Having my "boots on the ground" assists in my understanding the need for AANP involvement but also the limitations of that involvement. My Masters was in Nursing Administration with a minor in business management. I have served in hospital administration.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

I propose to continue to promote the mission to empower all nurse practitioners through our PEARL model, practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership. Integrity is an integral element of the strategic plan. Fiscal transparency is key to integrity with AANP members Excellence is another key element in the strategic plan. Excellence is achieved through continuous improvement and increase in quality assessment. The current AANP board serves as an example of excellence among not for profits. Professionalism is promoted by increasing our diversity and inclusion as well as promoting unity in a personal and professional manner. I would enjoy broadening my work on the budget with staff input. Leadership through innovative practice models with visionary ideas and implementation of these ideas and models. I would assure that all financial reports are carefully reviewed. AANP is in good fiscal health in a setting where many not for profits have struggled during the pandemic. This is through great interaction of the board and the staff. We are in an enviable position.