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Larlene Dunsmuir, DNP, FNP, ANP-BC

Candidate for Nomination Council

Larlene Dunsmuir

Campaign Message:

My name is Larlene Dunsmuir and I would be honored to serve the members of AANP through work on the Nominations Council. I have vast experience working on nominations and elections, both at the state and national association level, and am enthusiastic about sharing this experience to ensure the highest caliber of leadership for AANP. Throughout my many years as a practicing NP, I have developed solid leadership, communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills. I have served on many committees and boards and know how to work with others to ensure organizational success. IThrough previous work on nominations and elections committees, I have learned how important it is to nurture diversity and inclusivity in the process. The members of the Nominating Council have a solemn responsibility in ensuring that the nomination process is ethical and just. I take this responsibility seriously and would embrace the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Biographical Statement
Campaign Flyer

Curriculum Vitae

Current Professional Position

Professor in DNP program, School of Nursing Content Editor for CE company (FHEA)- contract NP in immediate/urgent care

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

I have 30+ years of experience as an NP and have practiced in primary care, neurology specialty care, and immediate/urgent care. I co-owned an NP clinic for many years in a rural setting. I am currently employed FT as a professor at the University of Portland in the DNP/FNP program. Additionally, I am a contract employee for FHEA as a content editor. I maintain clinical practice as a per diem employee for an immediate care clinic. I have held many leadership positions throughout my career. I am currently on the Board of the Nurse Practitioners of Oregon in the role of Chair-Elect. Over the years, I have held every position on this board at one time or another. I also currently serve on the Board of Directors for the Oregon Nurses Foundation. I have served on many community boards as well. I have just completed two consecutive terms on the ANA Nominations and Elections Committee. This position provided experience in vetting and slating candidates on a ballot for a professional association. During my tenure on this committee, we worked to create a scoring rubric for nominations and created a member education process for completing self nominations.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

I think the there are a few challenges NPs will face over the next decade. The first challenge will be staving off threats from the AMA to dual regulate the practice. AANP has been very proactive on this issue, releasing a statement within hours of the proposal from the AMA. There are good studies to show that NPs provide quality care with comparable outcomes to care provided by physicians. With increasing shortages of primary care providers, it will be imperative to make sure that NPs are positioned to meet the needs of patients in this country and eliminating barriers to practice is imperative. Which brings me to what I think is the second challenge- obtaining full practice authority in all states. This will also lead to better access to healthcare and better outcomes for patients. Additionally, the NP profession needs to work to eliminate the "arbitrary" barriers that are created by healthcare institutions. Even in FPA states, NPs face barriers to practice such as not being able to obtain hospital admitting privileges, not being allowed to manage their own patient panel, and discrimination in payment and reimbursement. There is a lot to accomplish for AANP and individual NPs!

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

As a nurse leader, I strive to be a collaborator and bring different voices and perspectives in to every project and campaign I work on. I have served as a nurse leader in many roles and some of the skills that I have honed are listening to hear, honoring diversity, encouraging and mentoring others. I feel that I am an empathetic leader. I am very organized and motivated and these skills have helped me succeed while managing many different projects at once. One of the things that I am most proud of is the creation of the Oregon Nurse Leadership Institute which I was a part of creating during my employement at the Oregon Nurses Association. The program was made up of monthly class time as well as an "action learning project" where the students put the information they were learning to task through creating a project to bring about change. I worked in collaboration with another nurse leader and a leadership educator to create the 10 month program. While I was there, we graduated 4 cohorts with more than 60 budding nurse leaders. This work took all of the above mentioned skills along with a lot of collaboration.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows

Throughout my career, I have advocated for patients, healthcare, and the nursing profession. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I will continue to advocate for the best care possible for the patients I serve in clinic. I will continue to educate students to the NP role and inspire them to be leaders in the profession. One of the ways I accomplish this is by teaching a Health Policy and the NP leader course where I encourage and support students to advocate for a healthcare issue by producing a policy brief on the issue and then speaking to legislatures about it. I will continue to encourage NPs and NP students to engage in both their state and national professional organizations. And I will continue to lead by example in practice, education, advocacy, research, and leadership. As one of the inaugural members of the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing, I will continue to teach students and colleagues about diversity, inequity, and bias in nursing and healthcare and challenge them to be the change. As a member of the Nomination Council, I will encourage processes that increase diversity within the leadership of AANP.