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Laurel Hallock Koppelman, DNP, FNP-C, APRN, FAANP

Candidate for Region 10 Director

Laurel Hallock Koppelman

Campaign Message:

As a Nurse Practitioner, I have seen firsthand the impact of our role as Advance Practice Nurses influencing the well-being of our patients, our communities and our region in positive ways. Region 10 is so fortunate to have Full Practice Authority (FPA) in all of our states: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington and Oregon is the only state in the union with payment parity. Despite these achievements, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to advocating for the health of the over 100 million Americans who remain without access to Primary Care. By harnessing the power of NPs and educating the public about our ability to provide high quality health care in a holistic, patient-centered manner, we are poised to continue to make significant impacts nationwide. I am hopeful that as Region 10 Director, we can work together to fulfill the mission and long-term vision of AANP while also acting as role models for other regions to obtain the ability to practice as we were educated, certified and licensed. We can make a difference and are stronger together!

Current Professional Position

Assistant Professor, Family Nurse Practitioner in the Harm Reduction Bridges to Care clinic, Addictions in Division of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

1) Chair of APRN council at OHSU, made up of over 400 APRNS. 2) OHSU Practice Plan Council - 7/2021-6/2/23 Nominating Committee: At-Large Elected Director 3) AANP National Awards Committee 2022-present 4) AANP State Liaison, 2019-2023 5) Nurse Practitioners of Oregon, Education Committee 2015-present 6) School of Medicine Faculty Council, OHSU elected Member representing voting Unit 10, July 2023 to June 2026 7) Advanced Practice Provider lead for Division of Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, July 2023-present

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

One of the greatest challenges facing NPs remains access to care for patients particularly in states that do not allow for NPs to practice at the top of their education and licensure. This will begin to be acutely felt as the population continues to age, with an increase in geriatric populations with newly acquired Medicare insurance. As NPs are primed to provide holistic care with outcomes similar if not better than physicians, the reimbursement from Medicare for such services to geriatric populations by NPs remains lower than their physician colleagues. This then disincentivizes NPs from providing care to older patients simply based on reimbursement alone. Many changes in regards to reimbursement and authority for NPs have been made in the past few years including the ability to order and sign for home health. I believe AANP should continue to lobby federally for omnibus bills (such as the ICAN act) that would rectify these arbitrary reimbursements and other barriers so that ALL populations including our revered older populations can access the excellent care NPs provide.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

More recently the ability to continue to provide telehealth services for people with substance use disorders was being threatened, requiring in-person visits to continue prescribing life-saving medications. Knowing that this would reduce access for many of the rural residents of our state as well as those experiencing health care trauma, I rallied my colleagues in our addiction division, delegated research finding and edited our collective narratives to submit testimony to the DEA to extend services. I also reached out to our State Senator and scheduled meetings with our top colleagues to discuss the harm of how changes to telehealth prescribing would potential impact our state's public. As of this writing, the DEA has extended the telehealth prescribing services for another 14 months, likely because of legislative advocacy and the ability to allocate the strengths of individuals in our group to make this advocacy evidenced based and easy to absorb by the layperson. I will bring this ability to ascertain the qualities of individuals working with AANP in both paid and volunteer positions to harness the power of our individual assets. Leadership inherently involves stepping back and allowing the greatness of each person to be illuminated to accomplish our common goals.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

AANP is a powerful voice that has made many strides over the years to educate communities and elevate our profession both in legislation and name recognition. If elected to Region 10 I hope to increase my region's involvement both with increased membership to AANP and to capitalize beyond Full Practice Authority to full region payment parity for NPs. For states that continue to not have FPA, we will act as role models and provide necessary testimony that details our effective, high quality and accessible care. We are fortunate to truly emphasize access in our region given our extensive rurality. For AANP to capitalize on our success in this region will allow for their strategic plan to reach fruition: show how NPs not only fill gaps in care but also provide care that is patient centered and often higher in patient satisfaction. We all benefit when patients have a choice in their care providers and health care benefits when a diversity of disciplines are employed. 100 million patients do not have access to primary care. The time is now. NPs are here to do this work and to do it well with the help of AANP.