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Maria Kidner, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, FAANP

Candidate for Region 8 Director (Incumbent)

Maria Kidner

Campaign Message:

I would like to continue my role as Region 8 BOD to support you and our State Liaisons providing leadership and role knowledge to our states; to provide input in the visionary direction for the NP role; to be strategic in the development of the AANP BOD; and the growth of AANP nationally & internationally. This BOD role is complex and time consuming. I have the time, dedication, and determination to be ethically sound and integrity grounded combined with knowledge of the BOD workings to continue to make a difference representing Region 8. I know & represent our rural attributes and needs through my thirty years of nursing in Wyoming. I can only be successful with your help. I want to share your NP experience, and support your practice through the work on the BOD. Together we make region 8 great and share our rural innovations & successes to others.

Current Professional Position

Team Heart Senior Consultant- Rwanda

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

1. AANP BOD Region 8 Director 2020-2024 2. AANP BOD liaison to the International committee 2020-current 3. AANP Ambassador mentor 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023 4. Team Heart Senior Consultant for cardiology education in Rwanda, Africa 2020 to current 5. ICN NP/APN Research Subgroup Co-Chair 2022- current 6. Rotary International Lander Club Board member & Service committee co-chair 2021-current 7. Rotary International Lander Club Global Grant Team Lead: Grant writer and project designer and implementation of a Rheumatic Heart Disease education to remote nurses in Rwanda ($300,000 grant). 8. Authored book on NP role professional identity. Next two years I will remain the Co-chair for ICN NP/APN Research SG. We are finishing our international committee Strategic plan build, which I led and will be published 2024. The Rotary Grant is to train 1000 people about Rheumatic heart Disease in 2 years. This is a complex 3-day conference with community workers, teachers and nurses. The nurses receive an extra day of skills with a stethoscope that is gifted to them. Parallel is a train-the-trainer program for 12 presenters in each district. This grant requires work with local partners and stakeholders with the goal of self-sustaining at the end of two years.

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

In the US, the biggest challenge is proving to the stakeholders that NPs are not only trust worthy as care providers, but trust worthy as highly knowledgeable and skilled healthcare providers. This is a complex paradigm shift for the public and critical stake holders (especially legislators). We currently have strong evidence that proves our ability to provide high quality care, yet there remain people who do not have trust in our knowledge and skills. AANP plays a vital role in the continuation of incredible skilled and expert-level education at conferences and through the CME department. Plus AANP is the face for TV/Radio/Social media/ meetings to build and provide a platform to showcase our knowledge and skills. Internationally, the biggest challenge is Scope of Practice for FPA implementation. AANP is key to developing international mentorship and support through the Ambassador program and linking universities, providing grant money, and building white papers, or models to assist low resource countries towards the APN role.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I bring creativity and thinking out of the box with emphasis to integrity to the APN role and mission of AAPN. Much of that is in executive sessions. However, I can say that through my work, the Ambassador Program has increased allowing AANP to impact more countries. In addition, as Region 8, it is my responsibility to keep AANP aware of states with FPA and the unique aspects of rural western states and NPs working in remote areas. My BOD work has led to an increased awareness of rural NP work resulting in a special AANP spotlight a rural Wyoming hospital with an NP CEO and providers. Internationally, my creativity is shown through the development of a nursing conference on Strep Throat, Rheumatic Heart Disease, and Heart Failure. This pilot study was successful and now I am developing the process to implement throughout the nation of Rwanda. This process includes building a manual in English as a third language, power points, activities, skills labs, and mentorship activities. My skills include a passion for Strategic planning and the importance of structure when applying goals and action plans. I use these skills within my BOD activities, ICN work, and Rotary International work.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

First is to maintain dedication to always review the BOD packets so I can study the direction in which AANP is leading the NP role both nationally and internationally. Our mission is for both those working in FPA states and those not, thus we need to focus on all NPs: urban, rural, FPA, collaboration, supervision. This is complex and requires dynamic staff with the BOD approved authority and guidance for successful operational activities. Internationally I plan to continue to push to grow the AANP Ambassador program and the new international membership to create ways AANP is mentoring NP empowerment worldwide. For this mission to succeed, every NP must know it, feel it, and empower others. This includes me; I must reflect this mission in all of my activities in my personal and professional life.