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Meredith Heyde, DNP, MLS, APRN, FNP-BC, FAANP

Candidate for Region 4 Director

Meredith Heyde

Campaign Message:

Greetings AANP Region 4 colleagues! Thank you for your support for the nomination as your next AANP Region 4 Director. I am dedicated to being your partner to support your clinical practice and help protect the health of those in your communities. Your role as a nurse practitioner is crucial in helping to support AANP's mission. We have a lot of work to do Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and South Carolina. As a current AANP Political Action Committee Trustee and current Chair, I support your practice through removing barriers to practice. As your Region 4 Director, I promise to help amplify your voice and protect your profession. My past post as AANP's State Representative for Connecticut and South Carolina has given me added experience to help support our diverse practice settings. Thank you for everything you do, in protecting the health of those in your community! With great respect, Meredith

Current Professional Position

I have been a nurse practitioner with the Optum HouseCalls program for nearly 11 years. Currently, I am the Director for Clinical Program Controls, where I created monitors and controls over the HouseCalls program. I balance current laws of nurse practitioner practice, with expected practice standards. Innovative thought leadership has created a comprehensive practice atmosphere while removing barriers to care delivery.

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

Leadership Experiences 2021-2023: AANP PAC Chair (2021-Present) AANP PAC Treasurer and Secretary (mixed and dual roles 2013-2021) AANP PAC Trustee (2012-Present) Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2018-Present) FAANP Career Advancement Mentorship Program (2023-2024) Optum HouseCalls Director Clinical Program Controls (2022-2023) Optum HouseCalls Director Clinical Initiatives (2022) Optum HouseCalls Director Clinical Referrals (2021-2022) UnitedHealth Group's Center for Clinician Advancement Clinical Executive Fellow (2021) Grand Canyon University National Advisory Council (2021-Present) Future Engagement: Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives Health care consulting firm startup

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

One of the most robust challenges in the nurse practitioner profession is improving engagement of our nurse practitioner colleagues within and beyond the traditional clinical role. By supporting a unified, professional voice and hastening the courage of nurse practitioners to engage in the nurse practitioner profession and professional role, we can be successful in facing this challenge. Our education guides us how to perform in our job, our roles. However, there is a gap in overall professional engagement, such as being the voice for removing barriers to care delivery. Right now, the voice is a quiet presence, and we need a more unified, booming, influential voice to speak on behalf of nurse practitioner issues internationally, federally, statewide and locally. Building up the voice of nurse practitioner colleagues will create a confidence in our profession that will lead to better health outcomes in our communities and across the globe.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

Over the past 20 years, I have engaged with the AANP as State Representative (CT and SC) and PAC Trustee. During this time, I grew a strong passion for health care law. In December 2023, I will have completed my Master of Legal Studies- Health Care Law degree. The AANP leadership inspired me to do better, go big and that is what this degree has done for me. With this new-found education, I will be able to support the AANP organization regarding legal pitfalls in practice and serve as an expert on policy issues- internationally, federally and statewide. Also, professional development of nurse practitioners in senior clinical leadership roles is a strength and interest of mine. Building our clinical workforce includes a strong clinical and executive presence. Mentoring others to perfect that presence is important to me and only builds on our current and future nurse practitioner clinical leadership.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

AANP's mission is the foundation of how I lead my team and engage in my nurse practitioner role every day at work and during committee participation. Each nurse practitioner has the ability to engage in AANP's mission as well. We are the direct access point to person-centered, equitable, high-quality health care. Recognizing our diverse backgrounds, we can be where care otherwise is not. I propose that engaging our nurse practitioner colleagues in education initiatives while driving advocacy for equitable health care, will lead to closing more gaps in care. Tapping into our vast talent in the nurse practitioner community will help engage further research and leadership opportunities, including growing the AANP membership. One way is to modify the 'medical director' role to a 'health care director' role across all organizations. Nurse practitioners are strong clinical leaders with awesome diverse talent that can only be a benefit to all health care organizations. This supports the strategic plan, specifically Goal A- Patients nationwide will have full and direct access to high-quality, equitable health care and will choose NPs as their health care provider.