Rebecca Rigolosi, DNP, ANP-BC, FAANP

Candidate for Region 2 Director

Campaign Message:

I am a proud AANP member and Fellow. In an era where quality is essential, I recognize the need to be constantly evolving, improving, and moving forward. It is in this vein that I am running for Region 2 Director of AANP. I have served in leadership roles in New York State’s NP Association and am a member of New Jersey’s state association. I would like to increase the involvement of Puerto Rico and her membership in our Region, as there are so many deep and strong connections within our Region to the Puerto Rican community. I believe in the mission, vision, and Strategic Plan of AANP. I want to help improve the visibility and recognition of the NP within our region and nationally. We need to continue to support our individual states’ efforts to implement Full Practice Authority legislation and include input from all states within this region.

Current Professional Position

NP Clinical Lead, Vascular Surgery

AANP/ACNP Leadership Experience

I currently serve as Secretary to the Board of The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State (The NPA) for 2019-2020. I have served on the Board of The NPA for the past twelve years including in the role of President. In 2018 I was invited to participate in a Blue Ribbon Panel by the Board of Directors to strategize and prioritize issues regarding the Sunset clause of the Modernization Act for NPs in New York State. This productive meeting gave The NPA Board direction to then discuss with our Government Affairs Team in moving forward with the agenda. I was inducted as a Fellow of The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and have attended the Regional meetings the past several years to meet and network with the local and regional leadership amongst us. I am the Clinical Senior Lead in the Vascular Surgery department at Columbia University Medical Center and represent the Nurse Practitioner team in monthly physician and administrative meetings. I was chosen to be a part of the Leadership Transition Team to implement EPIC at our institution and for our Vascular Surgery department including teaching the physicians, resident and NP teams the new system.

Biggest Challenge Facing NPs and How AANP Can Help

Full practice authority, disparities in reimbursement, and outdated Medicare laws remain the primary issues facing delivery of care for NPs nationally. I believe AANP addresses this fully, thoroughly, and consistently in their work, advocating for, and messaging to the membership. Other issues NPs face in delivery of care include low visibility, name and brand recognition. While NPs are excellent, proficient, and productive clinicians, we are not as skilled at messaging and promoting what we do, and for whom. NPs need more and bigger exposure for the work we do, creating more partnerships and coalitions both within healthcare—and outside the health care arena—to increase our visibility and help promote NP and AANP messaging. While AANP currently utilizes some excellent tools such as the “sizzle reel” and media ads, it is the work of the larger membership of AANP to engage with their patients, communities and legislators to help spread and promote messaging. AANP can find more ways to help engage this core mass membership, and I stand ready with members to take this critical step forward.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

I believe leadership and politics, fortunately or unfortunately, go hand in hand. Productive leaders are able to forge relationships and have discussions with various personality types in the professional and casual settings. I believe this is one of my core skill sets as I am able to connect with many different types of people, build these relationships, find common ground, and thus make decisions with a mélange of input from these resources. As President of The NPA in 2012 we averted a near collapse of the association during an executive level transition. As conflict arose during the legal deadline for transition, I convened the parties together and we were able to come to a reasonable resolution for all involved, ushering in a new era for The NPA where we have gained almost 800 new members since the change in leadership. My leadership style is transformational, and I believe this allowed me to be able to use my professional, personal, and leadership skill sets to advance change in a productive way. I am organized, friendly, and approachable, and recognize the importance of good communication skills.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

My work with The NPA has showed me that Strategic Plans are dynamic, evolving, and should serve as the guide for all facets of an organization. In addition Strategic Plans must be updated, reviewed, and edited to reflect the mission and goals of an association. The current Strategic Plan is spot on with how and what I feel the AANP does and hopes to do. As a Board Member I will help strategize, implement and find ways to engage the regional membership to implement these ideas and goals. It cannot be put solely on the Board of Directors to create change. Boards decide policy and direction, professional staff operationalizes these, but engaging membership to promote these ideas and concepts is key. I hope to visit areas of New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico to engage and involve the membership, when appropriate. I will continue to advance and support the messaging of AANP through my work as an educator, in clinical leadership positions, and as a member and Fellow of this association by encouraging those I come across who are not yet members to join AANP, attend the national conference, and become involved.