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Shelagh Larson, DNP, APRN, WHNP, NCMP, IF, FAANP

Candidate for Region 6 Director

Shelagh Larson

Campaign Message:

Are you ready to get involved in your NP profession outside the clinic? Always wanted to go D.C. and the Capitol? How about meeting liked-minded peers in Nashville this summer. Join me, Shelagh Larson, we can enjoy all of the fun activities AANP has to offer. I am running for your Region 6 Director of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Let me be your voice at the national level and offer a hand at the state level. I have been active in AANP for over 15 years, served 2 terms as the AANP Texas North State Representative, and 4 years on the Awards Committee, currently as the co chair. I have presented over six times at the annual conferences. Having led Region 6 groups at the Health Policy conference for over 9 years, I want to be your AANP regional partner. Thank you, Shelagh Larson, WHNP, NCMP, IF, FAANP

Current Professional Position

Clinician in the JPS/Acclaim Women and Infant's Department. Founder, director of the JPS Menopause and Sexual Health clinic. Caring for women across the lifespan, including birth control, obstetrics, menopause and acute gynecological issues..

Leadership Experience in the Past Three Years

For AANP, I currently have the honor to function as State Awards co-chair 2023-2025. I have worked on the AANP Awards committee since 2019. In this position, I have been responsible for refining the State NP and National Leadership Awards. It has allowed me to be very involved with Region 6 nurse practitioners, award nominators and nominees. I was elected to serve as the AANP Texas north State Representative 2019-2021, 2021-2023. I have imagined leading Region 6 as the Region Director to be the strongest Region within AANP. In my study of past Region 6 Directors, I appreciate the dedication it takes to fulfill this role. Also on the national level, I have served as NPWH Board Member 2015-2020 and was elected as the NPWH Secretary 2018-2020. Serving on the 2020 NPWH CEO search committee allowed me insight into different leadership styles. I was the co-chair for the 2021 NPWH Annual Conference. On the national interprofessional stage, I was selected for the ISSWSH Policy Advocacy committee 2021-2023, membership committee 2020-2023. Statewide, I was elected to the Texas Nurse Practitioner Board 2013- 2022, secretary 2018-2022. I served on many committees including the Policy Advocacy, conference, and Maternal Practice Task Force

Biggest Challenge Facing Nurse Practitioners and How AANP Can Help

Staggering patient numbers are going to be the overwhelming challenge in health care. Our nation is growing quickly yet our health care is showing weakness. Our patients do not have access to preventative care, are becoming sicker, and overwhelming the healthcare system. The unique role of NPs is to reach these patients through more preventative care, education, and establishing relationships. The nurse is the most trusted profession year after year for good reasons. We need to be the strongest voice at the federal and state levels fighting for our patients, our nation. NPs need to think on a big scale, outside the box. AANPs presence on the federal stage and advocating at the state arena can help get in front of this devastating snowball. By using the state NP leaders, SLs, Region Directors in a two-way relationship to connect with the local NPs, patients, legislators, and healthcare systems, AANP can develop federal resources that best serve the voices of all NPs. AANPs show of support of SIGs is critical. Fostering maternal NPs promotes healthier moms and babies; supporting the pediatric NPs, stronger children; certifying more FNPs helps with resilient family units, and encouraging psych NPs has advantages across the lifespan.

Example of Initiative or Outcome of Leadership

Having served on other national and state NP association boards as well at other interprofessional association committees, I have had the opportunity to appreciate numerous leadership and management styles. I have learned from the past 4 years as the AANP north Texas state representative how much time and effort needs to be committed to get your job done for AANP at the state level. Spending four years on the AANP Awards committee and now as the co-chair, I have a good idea of how best to serve and showcase Region 6. While at the Health Policy conference our region director needed suggestions on how to engage our Region. I took on the role of event coordinator and helped recruit a room full of attendees for a pizza party, many whom were first time attendees. I have organized regionwide dinners at both annual and policy conferences for the past 6 years and acted as point person for new members and attendees. This has encouraged many members to return the next year with friends. While serving as co-chair on an annual conference of another association, I changed the format and direction of the conference, and that change is still being used today.

If Elected, I Propose to Advance the AANP Mission as Follows:

My goal as your Region 6 Director is to increase the number of states with Full Practice Authority by four. I look forward to increasing AANP’s political presence and activity with state and federal legislators. Together as a region we can improve political and organizational proficiency. As a proven region leader, I have shown my ability and willingness to uphold NP authority, leadership, and expertise in high-quality equitable health care in Region 6. By working with our SLs and state NPO leaders, we will increase the number of NP leaders within AANP, membership, and the health care industry. I want to help Region 6 members become involved and participate in AANP activities. By promoting engagement of all NPs in state and national activities, mutually we can elevate practice, education, advocacy, research, and leadership. I will advocate for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas AANP members educating our fellow NPs in the importance of understanding reimbursement and billing services gaps. Collectively, we can reduce health disparities in practice and patient care. We can be the nation’s leaders in ideal patient care. I envision my role is to foster the organization’s internal operations for optimal performance and sustainability within our Region and beyond.