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A National Awareness Campaign Starring You

We Choose NPs

Whether it’s advocating for the rights of nurse practitioners (NPs) at the federal level or working to secure full practice authority in every U.S. state or territory, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) continually promotes the NP role and supports our country’s more than 385,000 licensed NPs.

That’s why, thanks to the support of members, AANP has launched a multimillion-dollar awareness campaign called “We Choose NPs.”

New in 2020, this 30-second ad—told from the patient's point of view—is one of several that have aired nationwide.

This monumental effort raises awareness of the critical role NPs play in expanding access to primary care for millions of Americans, informing the public—including legislators—of the importance of full and direct access to NP services. It also promotes patient choice by encouraging the audience to choose an NP as their health care provider. In support of this message, AANP’s NPFinder provides a powerful search tool that allows patients to locate an NP in their area.

Following the “We Choose NPs” official launch at the AANP 2018 National Conference:

  • Television ads are airing nationally on Fox, CNN and MSNBC and in select markets on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Visit to view several of the ads.
  • Radio, digital and social media ads have been featured in key markets.
  • The patient-facing website and blog support the campaign online.

Thanks to “We Choose NPs,” patients will be searching for you!

Take advantage of this valuable member benefit by adding your name to NPFinder today. A rapidly growing database of NPs around the country, NPFinder represents AANP’s commitment to supporting your practice.

It takes just seconds to add or update your practice details, including your location and specialty. As a free benefit of AANP membership, you can add up to three practice sites.

With the support of members, AANP is proud to be able to make a measurable difference in the health of our country. Join the NP community in spotlighting the NP role and widening access to quality care across the U.S.

How NPs Can Help