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Gather or Share Information with the NP Community

With more than 1.06 billion patient visits annually, nurse practitioners (NPs) are an increasingly valuable part of the American health care system. Whether you would like to learn more about NPs and the patient populations they serve or ensure that your messages reach providers on the front lines of health care, we can help.

AANP offers a variety of research tools and resources, partnerships, sponsorships and advertising opportunities to help you engage with NPs.

Data Collection

AANP is pleased to offer a variety of data collection opportunities to meet the needs of health care industry stakeholders:

  • NPInfluence
  • Corporate Council Survey Program
  • Data Collection Program at the AANP National Conference

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Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities

Familiarize NPs with your brand by sponsoring or exhibiting at AANP’s events. Choose from live or virtual conference opportunities. Attendees range from several hundred to several thousand NPs.

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Advertising and Royalty Partnerships

Reach more than 113,000 NPs by placing an ad in one of AANP’s publications or by becoming a royalty partner.

  • SmartBrief
  • JNP
  • e-Bulletin
  • Royalty Partnerships

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