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Online Panel of Nurse Practitioners (NPs)

NPInfluence is America’s largest online panel of clinically practicing NPs in primary care, acute care, mental health and other health care settings.

The opinions of NPInfluence panelists are valuable in shaping the future of health care and informing the development of health care products, therapies and public policy nationwide.

Composition of the NPInfluence Panel:

  • 5,000+ NP Panelists
  • 6+ Years, on Average, of Professional Education and Training
  • 25+ Certifications

How to Conduct Research With NPInfluence*

Don’t miss this opportunity to collect key insights from NPs nationwide!

NPInfluence works by sending surveys—sponsored by America’s most trusted health care brands, universities, hospital systems and government agencies—to panelists. Panelists then choose surveys in which they would like to participate and for which they can earn points for completion.

*NP students and post-master's students are not eligible to submit an application to conduct research with NPInfluence.

If you are a researcher interested in surveying the panelists, please fill out this quick survey.