About NPInfluence

Online Panel Exclusively Dedicated to NPs

NPInfluence is America’s largest online panel of nurse practitioners (NPs), with panelists spread across primary care, acute care, behavioral health and other health care specialties. The profession has reached more than 270,000 NPs, with more than 26,000 new NPs graduating each year.

Reach Practicing NPs in Primary and Specialty Settings

NPInfluence panelists provide more than 34 hours of direct patient care per week and have demonstrated their commitment to improving the health of their patients and communities. Their opinions shape the future of health care and inform the development of health care products, therapies and public policy nationwide.

  • 5,000+ NP Panelists
  • 6+ Years of Professional Education and Training
  • 25+ Certifications

NPInfluence panelists have an average of nine years of experience as an NP, while NP respondents on the 2017 AANP National NP Sample Survey had an average of 11 years of experience.

For more information on the composition of the panel or to inquire how you can utilize NPInfluence, please contact AANP at research@aanp.org.