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Utilize NPInfluence for Your Research Needs

Connect With Nurse Practitioners (NPs) Today

Do you have a research study in need of nurse practitioner (NP) participants? The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) NPInfluence online NP panel includes thousands of NPs in the United States who practice in primary, acute or specialty care. You create the electronic survey, and AANP distributes the survey to NPInfluence panelists on your behalf.

NP panelists’ clinical experiences can help shape the future of health care and inform health care industry products, services and patient care. Whether your research needs are market-based or academically focused, consider using NPInfluence today!

  • Guidelines and Resources

    Before starting your application, please review the Program Guidelines and the following documents for vital information about NPInfluence:

  • How to Apply

    You can apply by completing the online application.*

    *NP Student members and Licensed NP Student members are not eligible to conduct research through NPInfluence.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is there an application deadline?

    No. AANP staff review applications on a rolling basis.

    Do I have to provide incentives for each survey participant?

    Yes. You must provide an incentive to each survey participant. AANP calculates incentives based on the average amount of time the survey takes to complete.

    Do I need to have an institutional review board (IRB) approval or exemption to participate in this program?

    No. Your survey does not need to have an IRB approval or exemption to qualify for NPInfluence; however, if you are planning to go through the IRB process, you must have that process completed prior to submitting your application.

    Can I use my own survey platform to distribute my survey?

    No. AANP administers all surveys through Qualtrics. Additionally, AANP would require you to review and pilot your survey using a preview link generated by Qualtrics.

    What are the sample sizes that other researchers have obtained in the past?

    Based on average survey responses, NPInfluence can accommodate your survey needs if you aim to capture between 200 and 400 completed survey responses. Please note, most panelists have self-identified as working in primary care. NPInfluence may not be appropriate for you, if you have a narrow set of eligibility criteria for your survey (e.g., seeking 500 NPs working in oncology).

    Once AANP has administered a survey through NPInfluence, how long does it typically take to complete data collection?

    Data collection is typically completed within two to four weeks of the survey launch. The length of time to collect data depends on the desired number of respondents and eligibility criteria.

    How long does the entire process take?

    Once AANP approves the application, the entire process could take between four to six months. The timeline is dependent upon the length of time needed to finalize and sign the Professional Services Agreement (PSA), pilot the survey with you and obtain the desired number of responses. After the survey closes, AANP will deliver the brief report and final invoice to you within four weeks. You will receive the raw data file after you pay the invoice.

  • Contact AANP

    If you have any additional questions about this program, please contact AANP via the AANP Help Center.

What Satisfied Clients Are Saying

Feedback from the University of Colorado

"Our primary care research team collaborated with AANP to utilize NPInfluence to conduct a nationwide survey of Nurse Practitioners. We really appreciated how responsive, detail-oriented, and truly collaborative the AANP team was in refining our survey and reaching our target respondents. We were particularly impressed with the short period of time over which the AANP team recruited our target of 200 eligible survey participants. We also greatly appreciated the clean dataset and survey summary report they promptly developed for our team. We would absolutely work with the AANP to utilize NPInfluence again."

— Tamara Oser, MD; Sean Oser, MD, MPH; Tristen Hall, PhD, MPH

Feedback from the COPD Foundation

"Working with the AANP to complete our survey study was a highly effective and efficient process. From the beginning of our discussions, we were able to complete the system programming, target enrollment of 250 HCPs (Healthcare Professionals) and transfer of data within a matter of weeks, the fastest cohort of our population. We would highly recommend working with the NPInfluence program if you are looking for rapid enrollment and comprehensive service."

— Debbie Merrill, MBA