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Program Guidelines: NPInfluence

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) offers clients an opportunity to send an electronic survey to NPInfluence, which is an online panel of nurse practitioners (NPs). NPInfluence has more than 5,000 clinically practicing NPs in primary care, acute care and specialty care. Interested clients can submit their applications at any time throughout the year. Upon approval, AANP will administer an electronic survey on behalf of the clients. AANP does not provide the email addresses of the NPInfluence panelists to the accepted clients.

Application Requirements

In all cases, approval is dependent on the successful submission and review of all the information below. IRB approval or exemption is not required to qualify for this program.

Applications must include:

  1. Contact Information.
    1. Full name.
    2. Phone number.
    3. Email address.
    4. Organization name.
  2. Membership Status.
    1. Select what type of AANP member you are, if applicable (e.g., Corporate Council, NP, Associate).
  3. Survey Logistics.
    1. Target sample size and desired number of respondents.
    2. Characteristics of the target population (e.g., NPs working in Arizona, NPs certified in psychiatric/mental health).
    3. Estimated budget.
    4. Estimated date of when you would like the survey to be launched.
    5. Estimated date of when you would like to receive the survey results.
  4. Survey Instrument/Questionnaire.
    1. If you have a draft or finalized instrument or questionnaire, please submit it with your application.

Application Submission

All applications are reviewed by AANP research staff. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please complete the following steps to successfully submit your application:

  1. Compile all the application components.
  2. Submit all components of the application.

PSA Between AANP and the Client

The PSA outlines the data collection services that will be rendered by AANP on behalf of the client and covers intellectual property rights, confidentiality, scope of work and estimated fees. AANP will make every attempt to reach the desired number of respondents; however, AANP cannot guarantee that it will be reached. If the desired number of respondents is not reached, AANP will adjust the estimated fees.

Brief Report and Raw Data File

Within four weeks of the close of the survey, AANP will provide a brief report to the client. The report will include respondents’ demographic information that was previously collected from the panel (e.g., age, certification type, race/ethnicity). Additionally, the report will contain a descriptive summary of the survey results. The raw data file containing the survey responses will be released to the client via a secure link with a password once AANP has received the payment in full. Clients can request the raw data file to be formatted in SPSS, SAS, Excel or STATA.

Final Product Submission

As a courtesy, AANP requests clients share their final research product with AANP. For example, if the final research product is a peer-reviewed journal article, AANP would like to receive a copy of that article. Final research products will not be shared outside of AANP but will help inform future development of the panel.

Download NPInfluence Guidelines