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Program Guidelines: Survey Question Procurement

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) offers researchers an opportunity to collect data through the Survey Question Procurement Program (SQPP). With more than 119,000 members, AANP can provide qualified businesses and industry professionals unparalleled access to the nurse practitioner (NP) workforce through its annual surveys. Each year, a limited amount of space is available for purchase in the annual survey for researchers to add tailored questions. Interested researchers must submit their applications by June 15 for consideration. Those who are selected will receive the results from their individual question(s) in addition to the demographic and practice information of respondents.

Please note that students are not eligible for this program.

Application Requirements

In all cases, approval is dependent on the successful submission and review of a proposal (item 1 below) and supporting documents (items 2–5 below). All studies must receive IRB approval or an exemption prior to qualifying for final approval. Applicants must include:

  1. Proposal.
    1. The proposal should be between four and five pages, without citations, and contain the following:
      1. Project goal: Briefly describe what this project would accomplish.
      2. Objectives: Briefly describe the specific strategies, approaches or research questions that have been chosen to achieve this goal.
      3. Data analysis plan: Briefly describe your plan for data analysis. If you are requesting that AANP conducts the analysis, please prepare data table shells in a separate document and upload separately.
        1. Those purchasing questions will have the option of receiving 1) a detailed analysis plan with table shells (not to exceed four hours of AANP staff time) or 2) a raw data file that will include the added questions and demographic variables.
        2. If the requested tables will take more than four hours of staff time, you will be billed $150 per hour staff time after that initial four hours. This will be a part of your contract with AANP.
      4. Expected products: List expected tangible results (e.g., published papers, internet publication, etc.)
      5. Expected outcomes: Briefly describe anticipated results (e.g., response rates) and how the study would impact the NP profession (e.g., new knowledge, new or strengthened institutions, improved policymaking, enhanced public understanding, etc.)
  2. Sources of Support.
    1. If a study has one or more sources of support, submit a maximum of one page with:
      1. Source name.
      2. Source type (e.g., grant, award).
      3. Reference number, if applicable.
    2. If a study has no sources of support, please submit a statement acknowledging that there are no sources of support for the study.
  3. Questions.
    1. A copy of the questions must be submitted, or the application will be considered incomplete. The applicant may submit up to 10 questions. Applications with more than 10 questions will not be reviewed.
  4. IRB Approval.
    1. If the study has already received IRB approval or an exemption, submit a copy of the letter with the application. If the study is pending IRB approval or exemption, submit a statement acknowledging this and agree to submit a copy of the approval or exemption by June 15.
  5. Principal Investigator’s (PI) Biosketch.
    1. Applicants who are not the PI do not have to submit an additional biosketch. The PI's biosketch should not exceed five pages and must include the following:
      1. Name.
      2. Position title.
      3. Education.
      4. Employment.
      5. Completed research publications.

Application Submission

All applications are reviewed by members of AANP's Research Committee. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please complete the following steps to successfully submit your application:

  1. Compile all the application components described above.
  2. Submit all components of the application through SurveyMonkey.
  3. Pay the nonrefundable application review fee by check or by credit card.


Nonrefundable Review Fee*

  • AANP members: $125
  • Nonmembers: $200

*Based on membership status at time of application submission.


AANP Individual Members
(Student and licensed NP students are excluded.)
Faculty, Government and Nonprofit$2,500/question
Private Sector$3,000/question

*Platinum Level Corporate Council members receive a 20% discount.
Matrix questions with up to three options are counted as one question. For every additional three options, it is considered another question.

Application Review

Once the application is submitted and the review fee is paid, AANP will initiate the application review process. Applicants will be notified of final decisions by August 1 of each year.

Accepted Applicants

Applicants who are selected for this program are required to submit a signed letter of agreement (LOA) by August 15. The LOA will define the terms and conditions of data dissemination and invoicing.

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