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Region 9 Director


Region 9 Director Theresa Brown

For the past eight years, Theresa Brown has had the opportunity to serve as the Southern California State Representative for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP). She facilitated communication and networking between AANP and its California members and organizations who support the practice of nurse practitioners (NPs). Since 2015, she has served on the AANP Awards Committee, and she was appointed as the chair of this committee in July 2020.

She has held leadership positions, which have afforded her opportunities to share ideas, formulate plans and set and accomplish goals. She supports education in the profession and has been a catalyst in bridging the gap between her clinical practice as a cardiology NP and translating that knowledge and experience into an educational format for NPs.

As the AANP Region 9 Director, she plans to work with AANP state representatives and leaders to strengthen the public image of the NP, promote professional growth and increase NP visibility through coalition building, marketing, lobbying and education. She will continue to promote the development of strategic partnerships, build strong alliances and work to advance the NP profession.

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