AANP Network for Research (AANPNR)

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Nurse Practitioner Network for Research

AANPs Network for Research (AANPNR) is a practice-based research network that provides busy NPs with the opportunity to participate in research relevant to NPs and their patients. Whether you are interested in quick surveys or longer studies, the level of involvement is up to you. All certified NP AANP members are welcome to join.

In addition to participation in network-sponsored projects, membership in AANPNR provides opportunities for members with like interests and practices to develop collaborative projects with network support.

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AANPNR's Objectives

  • Conduct practice-based research relevant to NPs and their patients
  • Facilitate translation of research to practice
  • Improve the practice of primary care and specialty care by NPs
  • Improve the health of patients

The AANPNR Needs You

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New applicants will be contacted when the AANPNR begins recruiting for the next project.

Other Simple Ways to Get Involved

Update your AANP profile

Did you know that updating your AANP profile contributes to important NP research? AANP gathers key information from profiles such as main specialty, practice site locations and education to track the NP workforce. Updating your profile only takes minutes, but has a big impact on NP workforce data.

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Obtain a National Provider Identification (NPI) Number

Obtaining an NPI number supports the representation of Nurse Practitioners in CMS data sets that are often used for health services research. In order to obtain a Medicare NPI number for the first time, nurse practitioners must be graduates of masters, postmasters, or DNP programs, nationally certified and recognized in their states as nurse practitioners.

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The AANPNR is directed by Michelle L. Cook, AANP's Vice President of Research and is solely funded by the AANP.