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Policy Briefs

Understanding Policy to Help Shape NP Practice

American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Policy Briefs

Health policy is continually evolving in an effort to meet patients’ care needs. As an NP, your perspective and insight can play an integral role in improving health and health care for everyone. Give a voice to the essential role that NPs play in advancing access to high-quality, affordable care by gearing up on the policies that matter.

Full Practice Authority

Removing the barriers between NPs and their patients is essential to promoting a robust health care workforce. Explore what full practice authority means for your license and patient care, as well as recommendations for NP licensure.

Full Practice Authority Policy Brief

Provider Orders for Life-sustaining Treatment (POLST)

POLST forms seek to standardize orders and communications between patients and the health care community around end-of-life choices. Discover the states where NPs are authorized to sign POLST forms and the impact this authorization could have for your patients.

POLST Policy Brief

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)

PDMPs can help providers identify patients at risk for potential medication abuse and diversion. These tools provide a record of filled controlled substance prescriptions, allowing clinicians an opportunity to gain comprehensive assessments of medication use and make more informed decisions. Learn more about these programs and PDMP use requirements in your state.

PDMPs Policy Brief

Signature Recognition

NPs are often tasked with signing various forms to ensure fulfillment of orders, referrals and more. See why NP global signature recognition is necessary for patients and which states have removed outdated signature laws.

Signature Recognition Policy Brief

State Policy Priorities

Learn AANP’s 2024 State Policy Priorities, shaped by evidence and the clinical experiences of our members.

State Policy Priorities