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Emergency State Licensure COVID-19 Response

Maps are updated as information becomes available. This map was last updated on: 10/20/2021.


Executive Orders Expired
Out-of-State and In-state Retired and Inactive
In-state Retired or Temp License

States are invoking new measures to ensure a health workforce is available to meet increased demands due to the coronavirus outbreak. As of March 18, at least 48 states have declared official states of emergency in some capacity. Some of those orders include provisions authorizing or directing state Departments of Health or State Nursing Licensure Boards to consider emergency licensing of volunteer, retired, inactive or out-of-state professionals including nurse practitioners. Eighteen states had enacted the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, a model state law designed for health emergencies. At least 14 states called for additional specific, new response strategies in their executive orders for telehealth, out-of-state personnel and retired or temporary licensure provisions for the nursing workforce.

This map provides links to specific out of state, retired/inactive licensure processes and information in the states.

  • It’s important to note that as of March 24, governors have begun to waive or suspend requirements for collaboration/supervisory requirements for NP practice in the states that require them. See AANP’s COVID-19 State Emergency Response: Temporarily Suspended and Waived Practice Agreement Requirements in Reduced and Restricted States page for more information. NPs providing care by telehealth or in-person care to a patient located in a state with these requirements are required to meet the collaborative/supervisory requirements in the state where the patient is located.
  • State Boards of Nursing are encouraging individuals interested in supporting the COVID-19 response to visit the state board of nursing websites and follow the instructions online instead of calling the board for information and status updates. Please allows extra time and patience as our board of nursing colleague will be processing multiple licenses and may be working remote.

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