FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee Recommends Reclassification of Hydrocodone

AANP, January 30, 2013

The FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee recommended the reclassification of Hydrocodone at its recent meeting on January 25 in Washington DC. In a Vote of 19 to 10, the committee voted to recommend to the FDA, that the drug Hydrocodone be reclassified from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug in the interest of safety and abuse reduction. A similar provision was proposed, but not passed in the prescription drug user fee legislation last year. In order for this recommendation to be implemented it must be approved by the FDA. While this reclassification would not impact most nurse practitioners who are already authorized to prescribe Schedule II drugs, nurse practitioners in states limiting nurse practitioners to Schedule III through V authorization to prescribe could be impacted if such a recommendation were implemented. AANP has been tracking and providing feedback to FDA regarding this issue and the access implications this could have in certain states. We will keep you posted as this recommendation is considered.

Letter from AANP President Angela K. Golden.