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The most common AANP Conferences questions are answered below.

How do I claim CE credits that I earned at AANP conferences?

To receive credit for CEs earned at any AANP conference, attendees must fill out a short electronic evaluation for each session attended, along with a general conference evaluation.
  • During conference: AANP offers a mobile app at its national and specialty and leadership conferences. For best results, attendees of those conferences are encouraged to use the mobile conference app to complete evaluations during the conference. A mobile app desk will be onsite for support. Attendees may also visit eval.aanp.org to complete session and general conference evaluations.
  • After conference: Visit eval.aanp.org to complete session and general conference evaluations.

How long do I have to claim credit for CEs earned at AANP conferences?

Beginning with the AANP 2016 National Conference, attendees will have ONE YEAR from the last day of the conference to complete all evaluations. To receive credit, all evaluations MUST be completed within that time frame.

Attendees of previous AANP conferences (up to and including the AANP 2016 Health Policy Conference) will be given until June 26, 2017, to complete any outstanding evaluations.

Where can I find a list of my completed AANP CE activities?

Visit the AANP CE Center and click on My Account, then My Portfolio to see a full list of completed CE activities.

How do I see and print my certificate?

Once evaluations are complete, CE certificates will be available in the AANP CE Center by clicking on My Account, then My Portfolio. Click on the link or image in the Actions column to view and print your certificate.

How many abstracts may an individual NP submit for review?

While the abstract system will accept multiple submissions by any one NP, only one should be submitted.  Only one abstract will be accepted for each primary author.

How many abstracts submitted by an NP as a first author/primary presenter will be accepted for podium or poster presentation?

The abstract review committee will only select one abstract submitted by any first author/ primary presenter.  The acceptance will be either for a podium or for a poster presentation.  An NP may be listed as a contributor to more than one accepted abstract, providing the person listed as first author will be available to present.

How many authors/contributors may be listed on an abstract submitted for review?

The number of contributors for any particular abstract is not limited. It is expected that all listed contributors should meet the criteria for authorship/contribution. While only the actual presenter(s) will be listed in the conference brochure, the abstracts posted in syllabus (hard or electronic copy) will include the names of all contributors.

When there is more than one author/contributor, is there a requirement that the first author make the presentation?

Yes. Although other contributors may be involved in the presentation as time permits, the NP identified as first author/primary presenter on the original abstract is expected to provide a significant portion of the content during a podium presentation and to be available to answer questions during the attended poster session(s). The abstract selection is based, in part, on the primary presenter's credentials related to the topic.

When there is more than one author/contributor, who receives the discounted conference registration?

For the contribution to the conference, one discounted conference registration fee is awarded for each poster or podium presentation selected (one 50% discounted registration). If there is more than one presenter, it is up to the presenters to determine which one will receive the discounted registration or otherwise how the 50% discount will be shared. After abstracts have been accepted, the first author will receive a form through which to specify which presenter will receive the discount (or which presenters will share the discount).

If an individual has been invited by the conference committee to speak on a specific topic, is he/she eligible to submit an abstract on another topic?

Yes. Invited speakers are eligible to submit abstracts for consideration as podium/poster sessions.

Once an abstract has been accepted, is it possible to add to or otherwise change the list of contributors?

No. Because the review process includes consideration of the contributors' qualifications, no additions or substitutions are permitted once the abstract has been reviewed and accepted.

What, if any, substitution is permissible if some unexpected event makes it impossible for the identified first author/primary presenter of an accepted presentation to attend the conference?

On an individualized basis, the research committee will consider whether it is appropriate for one of the contributors to substitute for the identified first author/primary presenter in presenting the content described in the abstract. Regardless, any person substituting for the person who was originally identified as the primary presenter must have been listed as a contributor on the original abstract and must be an NP. No substitution or change of proposed content can be made once the abstract has been selected.

What is meant by the terms "first author" and "primary presenter"?

These terms are being used interchangeably, for the purpose of the abstract submissions. The primary presenter, or first author, of an abstract should be a person who has had significant input in the development of the abstract, plans to attend the conference and participate in the presentation, and will be able to respond to questions posed by the attendees. This person will also be the main contact and receive conference-related correspondence from the conference staff regarding the status of the abstract.

What are the qualifications for the first author/primary presenter and other contributors of a submitted abstract?

For podium sessions, the first author must be an NP.  Other contributors may inclue non-NPs, as appropriate to the content.  Abstracts submitted by non-NPs will be considered for the poster session.

If an accepted podium presentation is withdrawn or cancelled, how, if at all, will that space be filled?

The VP of Education will maintain the list of the abstract rankings and recommendations provided by the abstract reviewers, including an "alternate list" for podium selection. If a presentation is withdrawn or cancelled, the authors of those abstracts listed as potential alternates will be contacted/invited, if time allows. No reassignments or substitutions will be made outside of this process.

Are members of the Abstract Review Panel, Conference Committee, or other AANP-affiliated groups eligible to submit abstracts?

Members of the various AANP committees may submit abstracts for review. All reviewers are required to identify any potential conflict of interest and abstain from rating abstracts or judging presentations, as appropriate. A blinded review process is followed and no individual will review his/her own abstract.

What is the process for submitting abstracts after the published deadline has passed?

No abstracts will be accepted after the published deadline. The online submission process will close at that time so that no further abstracts may be posted.

How is the number of accepted abstracts determined?

The acceptance rate is determined by the quality of abstracts received and space available. For instance, the number of abstracts accepted for podium presentation is limited to the number of rooms available during the scheduled concurrent sessions. Similarly, the number of posters is limited to the anticipated poster exhibit space. There is no other formula (i.e. a given percentage) used, other than the reviewers' ratings/recommendations.

How is a determination made regarding whether or not a project is "industry sponsored"?

Unless clearly submitted as an "industry sponsored" abstract, a determination is made on an individual basis, often after consulting the submitting author. If a project director received some unrestricted support for a project, but maintained full control over the design, implementation and analysis of a project, it is probably not "industry sponsored.” If it is determined that the support may have introduced some bias into the project described, it will be categorized as "industry sponsored."

How do the above responses relate to the industry sponsored abstracts?

The person submitting an abstract for the industry sponsored poster session need not be an NP. Each "first author" is limited to only one poster, although he/she can be listed as the contributor for other posters. The industry sponsored abstracts are reviewed separately and all industry sponsored abstracts must be received by the published deadline for that review.

Why does AANP handle industry sponsored abstracts differently than others?

The AANP Conference awards continuing education (CE) credit for unopposed poster sessions. To meet CE standards, accredited content must be developed free of commercial influence. For this reason, it is essential that industry sponsored content is identified as such and that it be separated from the general poster area.

How is a determination made regarding whether or not a project is "industry sponsored?"

Most industry sponsored abstracts are submitted in response to the Industry Sponsored Call for Abstracts. However, on occasion, the general abstract reviewers identify an abstract as having potential industry influence. In this case, a determination regarding whether or not the abstract describes a project that best fits the "industry sponsored" category is usually made on an individual basis. This often requires consulting the submitting author to determine the degree of control associated with any commercial funding received in support of the project. For example, if the project director received some unrestricted support for a project, but maintained full control over the design, implementation and analysis of a project, it is unlikely to be designated as "industry sponsored." Conversely, if it is determined that the support introduced some bias or control to the project described, it will be categorized as "industry sponsored."

How are the industry sponsored posters separated from the general poster area?

The actual arrangement of the poster area varies from year to year, based on the space available. However, there is typically a space between the NP Posters and Industry Sponsored Posters, often with some seating to separate the poster displays. Another distinction is that each industry sponsored poster is provided an 8'x10' area, rather than a standard poster display board.

What qualifications are required of the industry sponsored presenters?

The presenter must have the educational and/or experiential background to support their ability to present the poster, discussing the findings and implications with attendees. The person submitting an abstract for the industry sponsored poster session need not be an NP.

How many industry sponsored abstracts can one individual submit?

While an individual may submit multiple abstracts, each "first author" is limited to only one poster although he or she can be listed as the contributor for other posters.

Why is there a limit on the number of posters a first author can present?

The presenters are expected to be available at their poster to dialogue with conference attendees during the manned poster sessions. For this reason, a presenter can only adequately cover one poster at a time.

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