2017 Industry Supported CE Symposia

CE Symposia

Thanks to industry, the AANP 2017 National Conference is able to offer complimentary access to a limited number of continuing education (CE) symposia for some registered attendees on Saturday, June 24. The cost of CE Symposia which include food service are not included in conference registration fees. These presentations are supported by educational grants from health care industry companies. Lunch symposia will also offer a vegetarian option.

Continuing Education
Each symposium is approved for CE through AANP's CE Accreditation Program and is included in the overall contact hours granted for the AANP 2017 National Conference.

Due to their educational focus, attendance is limited (with some restrictions) to only conference registered attendees. Registration/admission will occur at the entrance of each scheduled event on a first come, first served basis. You must have your official conference name badge with you to be scanned for admission. There will be no pre-registration.

Presentation Information
Some presentation descriptions and event location information are included on promotional announcements below. Onsite, for continued event awareness and directional assistance, presentation descriptions and location information for CE Symposia will appear on prominent signage located strategically around the AANP assigned conference areas. Announcements may also appear in the AANP 2017 National Conference Guide which is availabile for each registered attendee at Conference Materials Pickup within the AANP Operations area.

AANP 2017 National Conference CE Symposia

Lunch - Saturday, June 24


17.5.090 17.5.092
17.5.090 Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation for Primary
Care: What the Real World is Telling Us                                                                                                    
17.5.092 Evidence-Based Strategies to Effectively Diagnose and Manage Major Depressive Disorder-Learning through Interactive Case Scenarios