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Collaborative Learning Network

Join AANP's new Collaborative Learning Network

The Collaborative Learning Network (CLN) is the first open forum offered by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) to facilitate social learning and networking. A platform for asynchronous and self-directed communication, the CLN supports learning through observation, discussion and knowledge sharing between peers and faculty, contributing to a richer source of diverse perspectives.

The CLN is a community of nurse practitioners (NPs) with whom participants can share their knowledge and experience and extend their learning beyond continuing education (CE) activities. Join the CLN to gain insights about recently launched CE activities in the AANP CE Center, conferences and other learning opportunities.

Similar to AANP Communities, the CLN is designed to support and facilitate discussion, document and resource sharing, collaboration and networking among NPs. Expect the following from the CLN:

  • Participant and expert discussions.
  • Topic-focused conversations stemming from micro-learning activities in the AANP CE Center.
  • Resources, patient and provider tools, clinical studies and updated practice guidelines.
  • Grand round discussions.

Join your colleagues in the CLN today.

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