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Open Access Award

Distribute Your Research With Support From the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP)

As a nurse practitioner (NP), you understand how important it is to have the latest research and evidence-based practice resources at your fingertips. However, you also know it can be difficult to share your research findings on a wider scale. That's why AANP is committed to promoting and sharing high-quality scholarship that impacts NPs and their patients through the Open Access Award.

AANP Open Access Award — Not Accepting Applications in 2021

The Open Access Award allows AANP members to gain funding to cover open access publishing fees for original research, quality improvement or evidence-based practice manuscripts and scholarship. The purpose of this initiative is to remove barriers to quality articles by putting them in the public domain to be accessed and read by a larger audience. This award will only cover the fee associated with a manuscript becoming open access and will not cover any other fees associated with publishing, such as manuscript editing, page charges, color charges and fees for supplementary material.

AANP will not be accepting new applications for the Open Access Award in 2021. Please check back in 2022 for additional information.

Check out the Open Access Award Process Infographic

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