Open Access Award

Distribute Your Research With AANP Support

As an NP, you understand how important it is to have the latest research and evidence-based practice resources at your fingertips. However, you also know it can be difficult to share your research findings on a wider scale. That’s why AANP is committed to curating and distributing patient outcome data.

When research is in your hands, it’s a powerful tool to improve patient care.

AANP Expanding Research Access (ERA) Open Access Award

Researchers who are AANP members can apply for funding so that their accepted manuscripts may become open access and read by a broader audience. This award will only cover the fee associated with a manuscript becoming open access at the time of publication and will not cover any other fees associated with publishing, such as manuscript editing, page charges, color charges and fees for supplementary material. If your manuscript is selected, AANP must be added to the acknowledgments section of the final article.

All manuscripts will be reviewed and scored based on eligibility criteria and will not be shared outside the reviewer group. Applicants will hear back from AANP one to two weeks, on average, after submission; please indicate on your application if the journal requires a faster turnaround.

Apply for the Open Access Award

Eligibility Requirements

Articles must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • You must be an AANP member to submit an application.
  • The manuscript must have already been accepted by a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.
  • Different publication types within a journal are eligible for funding if the manuscript was peer-reviewed.
  • The article must be made freely accessible at the time of initial publication. Embargo periods for open access will not be covered.
  • The manuscript must address AANP’s strategic plan.