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2011 AANP NP Compensation Survey: Recent Graduate Compensation

In early 2011, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) conducted the 2011 AANP National Nurse Practitioner Compensation Survey.   An email invitation including a link to the online survey was sent to a stratified random sample of 31,702 NPs.  Completed surveys were returned by 6,680 practicing NPs (21% response rate).

What New NPs Earn

While higher NP income is associated with years of NP experience, new NPs continue to receive competitive salaries.  For instance, NPs with between one and five years of experience report a mean hourly rate of $42.51.  Those who are practicing at least 35 hours a week report an annual base salary of $84,850 and an annual total income of $91,060.  The majority of new NPs receive a number of other employment benefits, including paid vacation (89.4%), sick leave (74.4%), educational allowance (78.6%), professional leave (70.7%), retirement (64.7%), health insurance (82.6%), and professional liability (70.6).

Overall NP Compensation

Years of experience are associated with higher income.  The average base salary for a full-time NP (those who practiced clinically 35 hours or more per week) was $91,310. The average total income, or salary plus any additional pay for on-call time and/or incentive bonuses, etc., for a full-time NP was $98,760. The average hourly wage of all NPs, regardless the number of hours worked per week, was $46.12.

More detailed discussion is available in the Research section of our site, with compensation comparisons among NPs categorized by variables such as specialty, setting, geographic regions, and years of experience.