istock 000002007386Once a bill is signed into law, the regulatory process begins. A typical regulatory process is as follows: the governing agency issues a proposed rule; that proposed rule is published in the federal register noting an allotted time for submission of public comments, typically referred to as the public comment period, normally lasting either 30 or 60 days; after the comment period is closed, the agency reviews the comments and begins work on the final rule.

Unless defined by law, the agency is under no mandate to issue the final rule within a specified timeframe. Once the agency has completed its regulatory review, it publishes the final rule in the federal register. The information noted below provides you with the proposed rule; AANP’s submitted comments to that proposal, and where applicable, the final rule and our accomplishments in accordance with the agency's final regulation.

Breaking: 2019 Medicare Fee Schedule Proposed Rule Released

On July 12, 2018, CMS released the annual Medicare Fee Schedule proposed rule. In an effort to reduce clinician burden, CMS included proposed changes to evaluation and management (E/M) documentation and billing for Medicare beneficiaries. AANP has created a fact sheet with frequently asked questions to assist our members in evaluating the proposal. AANP has created a document highlighting other aspects of the proposed rule which can be found here. AANP submitted comments to CMS which can be found here

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Department of Transportation

  • DOT Notification of Regulatory Review
    • The DOT is conducting a review of its existing regulations and requested stakeholder feedback on outdated regulations that could be updated. AANP took this opportunity to comment on outdated regulatory language that prevents NPs from serving as medical examiners and medical review officers in various agencies under the DOT’s authority.
    • AANP Comments on DOT Regulatory Review

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